SHINE SPA - The Newest Spa along HV Dela Costa, Makati City

Shine Spa - Is a newly opened spa at the ground floor of Alpha Salcedo Condominium along HV Dela Costa Street in Makati. They offered a wide range of relaxing treatment from head-to-toe: they have a hair salon, body spa, steaming spa, foot massage  and mani-pedi services and offers these pampering from 8:00am until 01:00am.

I have enjoyed their initial Balinese body massage service that last for 90mins, enough for me to get myself back to track after pampering. Staffs are well-trained, the place and their equipment are always kept clean, a practical perfect place for me.

Below are the services they are offering, and its price ranges.

Therapeutic Massage
Swedish Massage 60mins - Php480 / 90mins - Php650
Combination Massage - 60mins - Php500 / 90mins - Php680
Balinese Massage - 60mins Php680 / 90mins Php800
Thai Massage - 60mins Php680 / 90mins Php800
Hot Stone Massage - 60mins Php780 / 90mins Php980
Slimming Body Massage - 60mins Php780
Mother to be Massage (for pregnant women) - 60mins Php 780

Skincare Treatment
Moroccan Bath Scrub + Swedish Massage - Php1800
Asian Whitening Body Scrub - 45min Php880
Aroma Body Scrub - 30mins Php650
Sea Salt Body Scrub - 30mins Php650
Whitening body mask - 30mins Php650
Dead Sea Mud Mask - 30mins - php650
DETOX/Slimming body mask - 4mins php880

Quick Facial 30mins - php400
Hydrating & Relax facial - 60mins - php550
Deep Cleansing facial - 60mins Php750
Gently lift facial (using Clarins) - php900
Pure & Radiance facial (clarins) - Php900
Diamond Peel - 60mins Php1200

Shine Hand Spa - php300
Shine foot spa - php380
sooth and smooth (footscrub, mask and massage) - php400
manicure with nail polish - php200
pedicure with nail polish - php250
Hand paraffin - php 380
foot paraffin - php480

eyebrow waxing - php300
upperlip and chin - php300
underarm - php380
full arms - php650
half leg - php400
full leg - php800
full back - php 650
bikini line - php 500
brazilian - php850

For more inquiries, call Shine Spa at (02)478-4833

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  2. Good morning

    I came across your posting regarding Shine Spa in H.V Dela Costa rd, and l have to totally agree with you, l have been living in Manila for ten years, and was really surprised, not just about the service, but also the clean envoriment of the Spa.
    The Spa puts you in a relax mood as soon as you walk in, and its refreshing the way they handle you as a customer, by the time l left which was over 2 hours, l was ready to face the world again.
    I am now a regular client, well to be honest once a week, l deserve it, go try the Spa its a welcome change.

  3. Hello

    I was looking for a Spa in Makati, which is clean and friendly and never found one until l came across Shine Spa, and was totally surprised regarding the professional manner they look after you, once you walk into the doors....I now am a regular, after going to a different Spa for nearly 5 years, it was a breathe of fresh air, to have a Spa which treats you like the way the Shine Spa staff does, Thank you for making me feel special everytime l go there

  4. The heated foot bath therapy and the footmassage was in a separate room before the massage area. This pre-session lasted about 10 minutes after which a masseuse led me into an even darker hall which had several almost-flat recliners lined-up.

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