Overnight stay at Thunderbird Resort Poro Point, La Union

Exploring nearby touristy areas every weekend is one of my guilty pleasures. That's why I always do (alot) of preparation in advance coz I want it to be perfect and less stress (you know what I mean). Last summer, me and my crew went to La Union, specifically in Thunderbird Resort - Poro Point. I've heard a lot of publicity about the place, like been featured to some local TVC and movies, etc. so just to make sure the place is okay to me taste, I've done some little research (thanks Mr. Google!) As a type-A control freak I am, I don't want to end-up complaining and feel stress along the trip. My little online browsing turns out pretty well, so pumped our gas and headed to La Union.
Our crew leave the city at 6am and our estimated time of arrival is around 10am. But sad to say, we were hit by this traffic along the road going North due to some road constructions, so we ended up really tired and little exhausted at almost one o'clock in the afternoon. (well at least we arrived safely).

My first impression - I am amazed. Maybe because I love open spaces, and greens and the sun blazing-up upon me, and this very refreshing air. I'm a city girl, and to most of you who don't know me, I also love the country-side (well, not 100% - as long as there's internet connection) It's somehow like spending your hard-earned salary in Santorini, Greece (still I want to be in Santorini!)

Thunderbird Resort is not only built for vacation destination they are building a lifestyle community. Aside from the resort per se, they also have a golf course named Cliffs Golf and Country Club, a Casino, bars and restaurants, and beautiful residential area. A very nice retirement place (for me) in the future.

{ Total Outfit: Top and Skirt was crafted by me }

Some parts of the resorts are still under construction, and you'll see the progress day by day. I've spoke with one friendly caddie named Kuya Eddie, and he shared that he is happy seeing day-by-day the improvements of the resort. He's been working there for 6years and he said he is blessed to part of the team.

The place is also a tourist hotspot here in the north of Luzon. Having a almost perfect relaxing place, very nice beach (just beware of the hard stone edges and corals)and fresh air. It is also a very nice place to hangout with your golf buddies, and you will definitely enjoy the 9-holes greens with a 36-par.

It was a nice hotel but I wasn't expecting much, considering it is a hotel resort casino in La Union in the middle of nowhere. To my surprise, it was exceptionally well maintained, and seems to be doing good business with more expansion seen. A bit expensive for business travelers, but the furnishings, quality of the bed, cleanliness and upkeep, and service were 5 star quality. The minibar and amenities were complete. The room was spacious and had two large queen beds, perfect for families. Also have a decent WIFI Service. Even the toilet at the lobby had a tea tree aroma scent. It is the attention to the littlest details that makes this hotel great. It also has great food at its restaurant, as well as, breakfast. The casino is in another place compound (need to drive) so it keeps this resort private and quiet. The sunset was also glorious. Certainly the best hotel you can find in this side of North Luzon.

Thunderbird Resort is also becoming known as a dreamy venue for weddings!

Foods? Ohh they have wide selection very mouth-watery, thanks to their kitchen team headed by their French Chef. The foods are inclusive from your accommodation, including their other amenities (well except the once in Casino) Thunderbird Resort offering a Mediterranean-inspired resort with upscale services and amenities.

Bottom-line, I've enjoyed our trip and soon will shared to you more photos and detailed observation we've got at Thunderbird Resort! Details about the beach, golf course, food, etc!

Thunderbird Resort Poro Point
Poro Point Freeport Zone
San Fernando City, La Union
Philippines 2500
T: (+63 72) 888 7777
F: (+63 72) 607 9818
M: (+63) 908 815 8948

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