The Fairytale of Etude House’s Precious Mineral Any Cushion Foundation

Once upon a time in a faraway land we know now as Asia, there existed a magical kingdom. This kingdom known as Etude House boasted of a secret garden, which was home to an amazing collection of beautiful flowers, with new species being discovered almost every other day. The secret garden was also rumored to be home for many creatures that could talk like humans! Etude House was indeed a magical place but even with such wondrous surrounding, there was a tinge of sadness that filled the air.

In a huge castle in the magic kingdom, lived a little tiny mini girl. Scruffy looking with brittle and dry hair that’s never seemed to have been washed much less combed and wrinkly skin on fingers that could only be the result of endless hours spent cleaning under the scorching sun, the lines and creases on her faces belies her true age.

Perhaps the only giveaway was her innocent beautiful doe eyes. Beautiful but sad as this little girl was actually a Princess though she has never worn a beautiful dress nor slept in a comfortable luxurious bed in her life.

The kingdom was ruled by her tyrannical older evil sister who came into ascension as the Queen after their parents’ demise. Such was her greed and selfishness that on the very day their parents died, she forced the little girl into a life of servant-hood (to cook, wash and clean after her) and banished her entire castle staffs who were loyal servants of the previous King and Queen, for the fear that she would one day be overthrown.

One day, the evil Queen came to hear about an elusive magical flower called Precious Mineral Any Cushion that had come into bloom in the secret garden. Precious Mineral Any Cushion was reputedly to give the person who possesses it the gift of eternal beauty and unrivaled power. In an adamant determination and driven by greed to own the flower, the evil Queen summoned the little girl to find it.

The weather was a dreary grey and the rumblings of an impending storm could be heard as the wind began to pick up speed.

The little girl trudged heavily through the garden anchoring her feet with each step into the ground in an attempt to prevent her frail body from being blown over by the wind. Soon, light drizzle started to fall and the ground became heavier.  

Exhausted and daunted, she saw what looked like a huge pink flower in the distant and she thought it would make a good resting place to catch her breath before continuing on her search. On reaching it, she carefully climbed up the stem before making her way gingerly around the petals and laying herself down in the middle of the flower. Although the rumblings of thunder seem to be getting closer but the soft and cushy bedding-like comfort she was laying on soon lulled her to sleep. As the rain started to fall heavier, the petals of the flower began to fold inwards, as if enveloping the little girl in a safe embrace.

Soon, it was becoming apparent that the flower was more than just the typical garden variety. As the girl went deeper into slumber, the centre of the flower began to weave their magic unraveling its metamorphosis properties. Even in the seemingly tight embrace, the girl didn’t seem to be in any discomfort and this was due to the flower’s natural cooling properties. Her skin was undergoing a transformation as well and what was once dry, coarse and wrinkly soon made way for a smooth, brighter and flawless appearance.

Her hair turned from brittle and dry to being supple and lustrous. The transforming properties of the flower continued their magic on her as the little girl soundly slept throughout the storm.

The little girl was awakened by the distinct sound of chattering. Peering over one of the petals, which has since unfolded, she noticed a small gathering of animals on the ground. She made her way down the stem and stood before them.

In front of her were 2 rabbits, a rather wise looking old owl and a rout of snails. After greeting and formalities were exchanged, one of the snails - whom she discovered later to be the patriarch - began telling her of how all the animals, insects and creatures in the garden had actually heard about and seen her plight, and most importantly how they have helped her with the household chores daily.

The little girl was overwhelmed by their kindness and in a breaking voice told them that she wish she could show her gratitude by making the garden even more beautiful for them to live in and have them as guests at the castle as and when they please. But she said, she is just a Princess in name for no Princess could look as scrawny or unworthy as she is.

As the little girl dropped to the ground placing her face in her hands hiding her tears, the rabbits gently nudged her. She looked and saw a coconut husk filled with water. Thinking that it was a drink meant for her, she thanked them and took it off their paws. But before she could take a sip, she noticed a face in the water.

The face that looked back at her in the water was of someone foreign. The face was clean, pristine and flawless. There was a healthy glow about it and then she realized; it was her reflection! Then she realized her hands that are holding the cup showed no wrinkles or lines. Surprised and puzzled, she dropped the cup to the ground.

The wise old owl who had been silent all along then began talking to her. Pointing to the flower that she had been resting in, he revealed to her its name and explained its magical properties. He told her about the protection Precious Mineral Any Cushion gives from the sun and cold air. The precious minerals found in the flower he said would ensure beauty that would last forever.

The little girl was speechless and what struck her the most was when the owl said that she was the only Princess that was truly worthy of ruling Etude House. Tears that were formerly of sadness soon turn to tears of joy. She thanked every creature that stood before her and then she shifted her gaze to the magical flower.

Whatever happened to the evil Queen during the time the Princess was away? Well apparently, a huge flock of seagulls and eagles descended upon her, started to peck her face incessantly and chased her far away to the ends of the land where she would never be seen or heard of again.

And what became of the Precious Mineral Any Cushion, the magical almighty flower?

Well, the Princess was a very generous person and wanted to share the miraculous properties of the magical flower with all in her kingdom. So she gathered all the animals and they started working on seeing her intention through.

After a few days, it was finished. The flower’s magical contents had been extracted and turned into powder form. The properties were refined to include sunscreen, sebum control, moisturizing, whitening, foundation coverage & cooling capabilities. It was even packaged nicely so that people could bring it everywhere they go and have access to its miraculous properties anytime.

Soon it became every girl’s must-have beauty product. All across the land and even in foreign kingdoms, word spread like wildfire and demands increased. The miracle product addressed the concerns and needs of many with effects such as an outstanding Hold Up technique that prevents darkening and sticking, while the whitening effect of pearl mineral powder and niacin amide leaves the skin cleaner and brighter.

The Etude House’s Precious Mineral Any Cushion and its magical properties made every girl throughout the kingdom beautiful.

Most importantly, it gave each and one of them the opportunity to be a princess. Everyone in Etude House lives happily ever after...

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