Bar Dolci - Experiencing Nice Gelato and Food Safety Issue

Hello Urban Women!

How's your weekend so far?

It's been a busy weekend for us, attended some client meetings, catching up with friends, and most importantly preparing some blog-post to keep you updated on everything we find.

Anyway, how many of you loves gelatos? 

I'm guilty. I love gelatos. It's not too sweet than a regular ice cream and I love it. So few weeks ago, after our lunch at Wrong Ramen (located at Forbestown, Bonifacio Global City) we just hopped to Bar Dolci, just few steps away from Wrong Ramen. We are so spontaneous that day (I don't know why :D ). We are honestly overwhelmed with these favours! Oh if only we can grab all of it, hahaha

Bar Dolci is quite nice, luckily it's noontime so the place is not crowded - actually we are the only crowd. It was really good being with cool friends! 

They have these great favours like Pistachio, Black Forest, Milky Cookies, Brown Butter Pecan (ohh I love this!), Vanilla (I'm not a vanilla-kind of lady), Bubble Gum, Chocolate Rhum Truffle, Cappuccino, and others... for just a minimum of Php130 per scoop

Everything is doing exciting and good... when suddenly one of their male staff sprayed some orange-scented air-fresher (I believe its a GLADE brand) inside the store, and totally freaks me out! I don't know what comes in his mind when he did that. He know's that there are customers EATING! Is he trying to poison us?!

I felt very disappointed and irritated. I am very much particular with food preparations and safety. So I immediately grabbed my friends out, before one of us got poisoned. Gosh, Bar Dolci management should review their food safety and staff training too. 

Are they not trained to value their customers and make them feel safe too??? Are they just exist to sell their gelatos and do plain business, and doesn't care about security and health safety???

 I am disappointed. I admit that I like their gelatos, but having experienced this kind of  issue? I"d definitely not coming back, unless they change into better.

Of course, my friends got disappointed too and we would not be visiting that Bar Dolci anymore. Our life is very valuable just to get poisoned. 

I'm writing this not to make Bar Dolci look bad. I'm writing and sharing this to you because I am always honest to my thoughts and reviews and I don't want you to have this negative experience to any food establishment you are visiting. As a paying customers, we should be aware and be vigilant about our food that we order. Life is too short just to be wasted. 

Gladly, my friends are totally fine and no aftermath heath issues. But who knows, who will be get poisoned next time.

Have you experienced this kind of issues too?

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