Laucala Island Resort in Fiji

Laucala is the ultimate South Pacific private island hideaway. White sugary beaches, dazzling turquoise lagoons, rich green mountains, scenic panoramas, swaying palm trees, and continually smiling people, Laucala will call out to your soul.  Situated on 3200 unspoiled acres, Laucala Island is made up of 25 unique Fijian villas, with a choice of overwater or beachfront, as well as hilltop residences carved into the volcanic cliffs. Outdoor showers, private pools and plasma TVs are included in each residence as is a private butler service or Tao as they are called on the island.  Guests can  experience ultimate private island living with an 18-hole Golf course, Spa, outstanding cuisine from the island’s five restaurants (everything from beach-bar food to Asian Fusion), private boats to explore diving or game fishing, a stable with trained horses, and three miles of trails and activities to satisfy every whim.   Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz made sure that the island’s natural integrity and history were preserved. The island is 85% sustainable by growing livestock and vegetation. Only 15% of the island is inhabited leaving the rest untouched as nature intended it.  

. PLANTATION RESIDENCES (11): In the eleven Plantation Residences you can do what you like - relax on the sun deck, the private beach, in your own pool, the hot tub, the shady daybed, the stylish indoor or open-air lounge or in your own bed. Incorporated into the old coconut plantation, the 300 to 610 square metre-large residences completely. South Seas romance. And the exemplary care provided here – as in all residences – by the personal "Tao" (Tao means "my friend") makes sure each guest’s private dreams of paradise come true.   

SEA GRASS RESIDENCE: The art of living in harmony with nature without renouncing the conveniences of modern comfort finds its highest expression in the seven Seagrass Residences that nestle unobtrusively under the opulent green of the Sea Grass Bay’s coastline. And like all the other residences they captivate visitors with their clear commitment to the natural environment and Fijian traditions. With their remarkable combination of vast space, exclusively designed interiors, natural materials, luxurious comfort, and the natural outdoor areas with its organically shaped pool and private beach, they create wonderfully inspiring surroundings for sophisticated nature lovers. From the individual design of the luxurious residences which inspire the visitor with their indisputable commitment to nature and Fijian traditions to the excellent cuisine, natural wellness treatments and a wide range of sports and cultural activities. With a private beach, a unique panorama, built on stilts above the lagoon with its own island for swimming, on a private peninsula with a beach and landing place or up on the hill, each of the 25 luxury residences is a cathedral of good taste. Rates from US$ 3.800 per one bedroom villa per night with resort inclusions. With an unmistakable commitment to nature and an unequaled combination of space, Fijian traditions, specially designed interiors, luxurious comfort, and the fluid transition from indoor to outdoor living, they pave the way for undreamed - of South Seas flights of fantasy – undisturbed privacy, with genuine Laucala luxury always included. 

If one thinks of Laucala as paradise-like holiday scenery, the OVERWATER RESIDENCE is one of the brilliant colors that elevate this resort to a noble holiday work of art. You will never experience the fascination of the South Pacific anywhere as fully as in the two-bedroom residence, which appears to float above the emerald-green lagoon. You will not only enjoy luxurious living over an omnipresent ocean when you relax on the spacious terrace ranging across several levels over the lagoon but also when you have a bath in the hot tub or in the large private pool, which has been carved directly into the rocks of the shore, and last but not least while enjoying a romantic Sundowner cocktail or during a private dinner. At the Overwater Residence your arrival in your own yacht or an excursion to the iridescent world of corals starts right at the private jetty. 

HILLTOP RESIDENCE: The guests of the Hilltop Residence live "up on top". High up in the opulent green hills of Laucala island, the "resort in a resort" crowns the dreams of luxury living à la Laucala. For some people it is the captivating panorama view; for others it is the unique atmosphere which makes guest's South Seas dreams of "undreamt of pleasures" come true, with 1.200 square metres of living space, 11.000 square metres for of bedroom space and other private quarters, an unusually designed main residence with its own panoramic pool landscape, two spacious guest residences and special services such as a private cook, a chauffeur and a private nanny.

PENINSULA RESIDENCE: Almost all of us have experienced the desire to have our own little kingdom. On Laucala, Peninsula Residence is the epitome of this desire. This luxurious mansion resembles an "island on an island", caressed by the dazzling turquoise waters of the South Pacific and surrounded by opulent green hills, a white beach and plenty of space for privacy. The spacious living areas are connected to each other by rope bridges offering spectacular views. The natural pool carved into the rock, the concealed private beach and its own jetty guarantee exclusive and completely undisturbed privacy. This exclusive privacy is actually the genuine Laucala luxury, the seductive icing on the cake of the Peninsula Residence.

PLATEAU RESIDENCE: The exotic character of the private island and the iridescent world of the South Pacific form the background to the fantastic Laucala holiday scenery. In the four Plateau Residences this scenery can be viewed from a very special, natural perspective. Situated on Nawi Mountain, all residences offer unforgettable views out to the sea and the neighbouring islands. Carefully integrated into the island atmosphere, their open-plan design blurs the boundary between the interior and exterior areas and gives guests a better idea of the atmosphere of this South Seas island. Thanks to the exclusive seclusion on the ridge the Plateau Residences are particularly suitable for undisturbed visits with family or friends.  

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