#EasterTime: How to Make an Easter Bunny Egg Hunt Bag

Be a hit with the kids this Easter by making them sweet little bunny bags for the egg hunt.

a bunny pattern
embroidery thread
sewing machine and thread
dressmaker's pencil
fluffy wool or yarn



1. Create your own bunny pattern just like in the Image 1, and pin to two fabric, then cut around the template allowing for 1.5cm hem (Image 1).

2. Put the lining pieces to one side and using a dressmaker's pencil, mark on the right side of one of the linen pieces where you want to embroidered the face. Take the embroidery thread and needle and starting at the nose point, sew one vertical running stitch, then from that sew a couple of running stitches either side to form the mouth. Then sew two cross stitches for the eyes and to finish off sew a sweet button on for the nose (Image 2).

3. To make a pompom tail, wind wool or yarn around the teeth of a fork about thirty times, them with a 10cm piece of wool thread through the center prong and tie tightly (Image 3). Then cut along each fork edge and remove from the fork, hold the ball by the longer threads and fluff the pompom, trim to create a denser ball. Now using the longer threads still attached, sew the pompom to the other linen piece of fabric, tying off on the reverse.

4. Take one fabric lining piece and one linen piece and pin so that right sides are facing each other, then starting from the top of the face sew a 1.5cm hem all the way around the ear shape to the other side and backstitch either end (Image 4), repeat with the remaining fabrics.

5. Open the bottoms of each side, place the two sides on top of each other, right sides together so that the linen pieces match as well as the fabrics and pin in place (Image 5).

6. Then starting 3cm in from the base of the fabric, sew a 1.5cm hem all the way around the edge stopping about 3cm from where you started, backstitch either end. This will leave an opening; make sure you are careful not to catch the tail or ears as you sew.

7. Now clip the tip of the ears and along the seam allowance in the curve and turn the bunny right side out through the hole in the bottom. (Image 6).

8. Iron the opening seam flat and then sew a running stitch to close the opening (Image 7). Then tuck the lining down inside the bunny bag, tie the ears together to form a handle and hop away to find those eggs!

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