Viva La Mamma - Dolce & Gabbana, Motherhood, and La Familia

Dole and Gabbana Autumn / Winter 2015 Collection - Celebration of Big Love for Motherhood 

Sicilian lace dresses, Forties skirt suits, fit and flare coats. The red rose was the recurring motif; it popped up in sequins on a white shift dress, embroidered climbing its way up black guipure lace and red astrakhan dresses, and even, worked into prints featuring the Madonna and child. The closing dresses were a parade of billowy white silk frocks printed in naïve scribbly Crayola drawings – the sort of nursery-stage scruffy-cornered artwork that would proudly be Sellotaped to the wall in any family home.


Editor's Note:

In spite of the latest controversy that the designer duo is facing (about their own perspective of adoption and IVF), these duo are just free-spirited human-being (just like us) expressing their own opinions. We understand that celebrities and (wannabes) are now boycotting these designers and the fashion house, but you know what.. there is no point of keep on spreading HATE online. HATE will only begets HATE, and at the end of the day, we still watch and adore their creations.

SPREAD LOVE TO EVERYONE, INSTEAD. No matter how huge the differences are. Anyway, we are all just a tenant in this world. :)


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