#EasterTime: How to Make an Easter Wreath

Make a seasonal wreath to hang anywhere in your home this springtime

You will need:
Natural wicker wreath
Garden vine twigs
6 eggs
50cm Liberty Tana Lawn fabric (or your equivalent choice)
50cm burlap fabric (or your equivalent choice)
lace trimmings
hot glue gun
sewing machine and thread
natural garden twine



1. Wash the eggs with warm soapy water then with a sharp pin make a hole either end of the egg and blow through one hole over a bowl. Continue blowing until all the contents have been removed then wash the inside out with soapy water. You may need to re-blow to remove any water, set aside to dry and repeat with all the eggs.

2. Using eggcups to hold the eggs steady, paint one half of each egg in a pale shade. Once dry, paint the other half and repeat until all the eggs have had at least two coats, allowing to dry between coats (Image 1).

3. Take a willow wreath and using the foraged garden vines and twigs, twine around to give more texture. Tuck any stray twigs into the wreath (Image 2)

4. Cut two 6cm x 1m strips of the burlap fabric and sew the shorter ends together to make one large strip. Fray the edges along the longer sides and carefully wrap around the wreath, holding the ends in position with a pin (Image 3)

5. To make the big bow cut a 10cm x 1m strip in the Liberty and Burlap fabric. Pin the pieces right sides together and using the sewing machine sew a 1.5cm running stitch down the longest edges. (Image 4)

6. Turn the strip right side out, fold in the shorter ends and press the fabric strip with the iron. Then sew a 1.5cm hem all the way around the strip which will also close the ends. Neaten off any stray threads. 

7. Fold the fabric into a rough bow shape (Image 5) and with a needle and thread sew a few tacks to hold in place. Wrap a small piece of frayed burlap fabric around the middle of the bow and sew into position on the reverse to secure. Take a piece of the garden twine and thread through the back of the bow, then fasten to the top of the wreath.

8. Finally, with the hot glue gun, carefully stick the lace and trimmings around the middle of each egg (Image 6). Once dried, glue each one in place on the wreath with a good dab of glue from the glue gun.


*Try adding in some seasonal flowers for a fresh look.
* Use slightly green twigs and vines so that they bend easily when wrapping around the wreath.

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