Cheat Day at Farmacy Ice Cream and Soda Fountain

Desserts sometimes make my day, and I've got excited to try the nearest Farmacy Ice Cream and Soda Fountain Bar, just next to my work building. It was opened last November 2014, and its refreshing to have some scoops of frozen delights and a smattering soda concoctions.

Farmacy Ice Cream and Soda Fountain Bar serves fresh homemade ice cream and sodas, ice cream sandwiches, make-your-own sundaes, milkshakes, floats and more.

Inspired by the American drugstore soda fountains many years ago, just like the favorite hangout of Archie's where one can kick back and enjoy scoop of ice cream and sip on some nice milkshakes from day til night.

Currently, homemade ice cream and sorbet come in over 20 flavors, including vanilla bean, salted caramel, chocolate milk, mint chocolate chip, hazelnut, mango, calamansi, melon, and pistachio.

Single scoop - Php130.00
Double scoop - Php150.00
Triple scoop - Php170.00

Sundaes - Php270.00
*Banana Split
*Rocky Road
*Black Forest
*Hot Fudge Sundae

*Pick Me Up - Coffee ice cream, almond toffee, chocolate sauce, & a shot of espresso

*Banutter - Banana, nuts, caramel, almonds

*Classic Sundae - Chocolate, vanilla & strawberry ice cream, chocolate sauce, peanuts, whipped cream, maraschino cherry.

*Dusty Road - Ice cream, chocolate sauce and malted milk powder

*Tin Roof - Vanilla ice cream, rich fudge & nuts, chocolate sauce.

For some so-called adult beverages, they have their Farmacy After Dark, lacing soda concoctions with a kick of alcohol. Coffee, craft cocktails and pastries are also available.

*South Beach - Php 390.00
*Rum & Coke Float - Php 420.00
*Jack & Coke Float - Php 420.00
*Coco Pina / Gingerale / tequila - Php 420.00
*Guiness & vanilla ice cream - Php 290.00

Farmacy Ice Cream and Soda Fountain is located at the ground floor of NET LIMA Building on the 26th and 4th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City. Opens from Monday to Wednesday from 12 noon to 11pm, Thursday to Saturday from 12 noon to 2am, and Sunday from 11am to 6pm.

Follow Farmacy on Instagram at @farmacymnl

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