The Gold Rush: Cult Of the Cleanse Juice Diet

Could premium juice conquer the market the way premium coffee has? Whether or not you believe that raw juice is the way of the future, it’s hard to deny its impact on the current culture.

Photo of me, trying this green juice from Gold Press Juicing

Half a decade ago, most people who were found guzzling and gushing about juice — not grocery store O.J., but the dense, cold-pressed stuff that is made by pulverizing mounds of ingredients like kale, beets, ginger, spinach and kohlrabi — were either zealots from the raw-food fringe or Hollywood celebrities who believed that a “juice cleanse” would nudge their toned bodies even closer to radiant perfection.

But along the way, more people started drinking it. And for consumers and entrepreneurs, a realization took hold: juice did not have to be part of a challenging, expensive cleanse. It could simply be lunch. Suddenly, cold-pressed juice morphed from a curiosity to an industry.

Juicing vs. Cold Pressed Juice

The biggest difference between the cold-pressed juice and juicing at home is the final processing step. At home, you pour your juice in a glass or jar and enjoy it before microbes and oxygen spoil it.

In cold-pressed juice, the cold juice is bottled, sealed and put in a large chamber, which fills with water and applies a crushing amount of pressure (equal to 5 times the pressure found at the deepest part of the ocean) to inactivate pathogens. This allows cold-pressed juice companies to ship you juice that tastes vibrant and is safe for a few weeks instead of a few days.

You can get cold-pressed juice in a variety of flavors from 100% Orange Juice to complex, dense Green juices. Cold-Pressed juice that you find in bottles starts out by using huge hydraulic presses that press fruits and veggies through fine mesh getting nearly all of the juice out of the produce. For citrus, they use high speed extractors to get deliciously bright juice from oranges, grapefruit, lemons and limes. When the extraction process is done, you get naturally vibrant juice, that is bottled and High Pressure Processed.

Gold Press Juicing 

So what's right for me?

Like many things in our lives, it's about balancing convenience with cost. Juicers can be expensive and take time to clean. Depending on your morning routine, this can discourage people from juicing on week days. Keeping produce crisp and tasty in the fridge can also be a challenge. Although it hurts to waste any produce, trust us, juicing wilted kale is a bad idea.

Many people lose motivation on juicing every day if they only rely on their home juicer. That’s where cold-pressed juice companies like Gold Press Juice come in, they help take away the mess and save you time, especially if you enjoy having a good grab-and-go option when you're running late but don’t want to compromise your green juice goals.

Gold Press Juicing in Red Ahead

Whether you're a fan of juicing or morally opposed to it, most likely you're at least aware of the cold-pressed juice trend -- it's pretty impossible to avoid. Cold pressed juice exploded in popularity last year. Starbucks has its own line, BluePrint Juices have practically become a household name, and in some cities like Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and even here in Manila it seems like there's a juice bar on every block. No to mention a number of home-delivery cold-pressed juice startups like Gold Press Juicing, that offers free-delivery in some key cities of Manila, giving you the freshly juiced healthy drink right on your door-step. 

Gold Press Juicing in Green Glow

And why not? Juice is hip, it’s high-end, and it has that ever-desirable celebrity factor.

Nowadays, people don’t say they’re on a diet, anymore. It’s not fashionable, it’s not cool, and it’s not respected. Instead, they say ‘cleanse’. We are referring to the trendy method of fasting, where a person forgoes solid foods and subsists for a period of days, or weeks — or sometimes, in extreme cases, a whole month — on nothing but juice. The idea is to help purge your system of all the horrendous toxins and byproducts of fatty, processed foods. Many raw juice brands package and market a strict regimen of their products for the specific purpose of undertaking a cleanse.

But some nutritionists are skeptical of the benefits of a juice cleanse, noting the total lack of fiber and flood of sugar, among other concerns. “It may, for many people, contribute to an eating disorder,” one nutritionist says. 

Where this green-themed gold rush may be headed, though, is murkier than your typical kale-apple-ginger-spinach-celery-lemon blend. Is it just some passing fad? Or, a revolution in the way we think and drink?

For some whose still naive of this concept, drinking green still got some raised-brows. I'd say: 

"Just because it’s green doesn’t mean it’s disgusting.”

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  1. I was doing some research on getting my core system back into shape. Most of it came back to getting more greens in the diet. So, I am looking to add Green drink in my diet.


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