Black and White Club Luxury Hotel in Singapore

When visiting Singapore, you can get inspired by the elegant and bold combination of black and white displayed in the fabulous Club Hotel. Located in a fashionable Singaporean location – at 28 Ann Siang Road – the 22-room luxury boutique hotel welcomes guests with an idealistic version of a two-colored world. Black and white meet in so many way in the design of this hotel – fascinating patterns and shapes were born from the desire to offer clients the purity and mystery that characterizes the hotel’s rooms.

Each space is constructed to suit the guest’s needs and wishes – from the ground floor tapas bar to the rooftop skybar. Over-sized sculptures and artifacts were displayed by the designers and a stylish blend of contemporary minimalism and antique design elements construct a fascinating interior design. Colin Seah of Ministry of Design was the one who gave life to the hotel by creating a collection of spaces of outstanding modern elegance.

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