#PreppedAndPolished: How to Quickly Brighten up your day with Canmake Nailpolish

"Green is the prime color of the world and that from which its loveliness arises." 

- Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Hello Girlfriends!

How to you quickly brighten up yourself from a gloomy and lazy day?


It’s already rainy season and if you're not always ready with your umbrella, your day will be a disaster. Yeah, we always looked-up in the sky and wondering if it will rain or not, and that sucks. And having a gloomy day also affects our mood especially at work. Yeah I've been there and it's sucks. I can't motivate myself to write because I feel so lazy during gloomy days and all I want is to curl-up and hug my pillow. 

To become driven at work, one simple trick I always do is by painting my nails with a pop of color, like this Canmake nail polish in Apple Green. The color looks refreshing and very inviting, it reminds me of the summer waiting ahead, and the fun that and adventures I'm going to enjoy. Each time I'm seeing my nails, it gives me a kick to work, and set aside for the meantime my laziness. You may use any fun colors that you like! 

Little trivia - In Japan, green is regarded as the color of eternal life, while in China it symbolizes virtue and beauty.

Another thing that I like about is, it is very easy to apply using with its soft brush, plus it is also very quick to dry. No strong lacquer-odor and it are very handy.

This is how I #PreppedAndPolished every gloomy days. How about you? Share us your favorite color and remember Always Be Beautiful!

Canmake Nail Polish, 3.8grams Php330.00,SRP, included to the BDJBox July 2015 Edition.

xoxo, Blair

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