Lunch with friends at Uncle Cheffy's

Uncle Cheffy's at Fort Bonifacio

From time to time even we are all busy at work and rushing for deadlines, we still managed to have quite a pleasurable lunch wherever our feet drags us. We both believe that food is something that needs to enjoy, and not to rush.
So for today our feet (and hungry tummies) dragged us at Uncle Cheffy's in Fort Bonifacio, just a few blocks away from our office.
It is quite a very nice restaurant. We went there at around 11:30am and we are giggling when we realized we are the first set of customers for today (actually I kinda like it – it’s like we own the place!).

Very cozy and homey, right?

Yeah, I know we must order now! Shi, Lexa and me are very excited to try their meal!

So, after we’ve ordered what we want, we couldn’t help but do camwhoring. Gosh, we took every opportunity to snaps lots of photos!

Me camwhoring again!

They have lots of wood-carving wall decors, which are very beautiful.

Lexa likes to camwhoring next to the wine-wall. “I will have something like this in my future home,” says she. Yeah, that’s right, so we could party all night long! Hahaha

“If you wish to have that wine-wall – well, I wish I will have my own restaurant.”

Go, go Shi! Don’t forget to invite us everyday, hahaha!

I’m soo in-love with wine-wall too!

Okay, we felt tired of camwhoring, and that’s the time our food arrives! Yey!

We’ve enjoyed every bite and every sip, right Lexa?

There’s nothing more to say about Uncle Cheffy’s food and services – they are absolutely good!

So if you are thinking of where to dine in Fort Bonifacio, just hop-in and see for yourselves.


xoxo, Blair

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