Impressions and Review: Travel Essentials - Watsons Wet Tissues

Watsons Wet Tissues

When we travel, as much as possible we want ourselves to be clean and comfortable because no matter how convenient our travel means are, we still feel tired and not feeling fresh. So aside from bringing along my mobile gadgets, and a book to keep me company along the road, I always make sure I have something to make me clean-up easily. Who ever discover the wet wipes then I must say thank-you to him! With this, you don't need more water to clean-up and stay fresh. Like these essential I've got from Watsons Store, comes in three scented-variant of green tea, lavender, and rose petals (and a new cucumber variant, not in the photo) -- totally awesome and comes in cute packages :D

Note that even these are scented, they are mildly blended and wont hurt my nostrils.
If you want try these wet wipes, visit any Watson Stores near you. You can buy this pack for Php69.00 but if you buy 2 packs it will only cost Php102.00 for both.

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