Filipina Mom Creates a Mini Play Kitchen for Her Toddler. And the Result is Amazing!

We all know that a Mother's love has no boundaries and she will do everything and anything for her family and kids.

This Filipina Mom shows her love for her adorable little daughter when she created a mini play kitchen made of cardboard boxes that she collected from friends.

Her 1yr old daughter loves to play in the kitchen and shows an early signs of being a kitchen-diva.

Mommy and Entrepreneur Rodessa Villanueva-Reyes shares her before-and-after DIY project on Facebook, and it gained over 1000k likes and over 100 comments from fellow parents.

Check the photos below and be inspired to make your kids play kitchen.

Started by using cardboard boxes that she and her husband gathered from sari-sari store.

Draw cutting lines for the doors, oven, etc.

She used vinyl sticker and white cartolina to cover-up the boxes.

To make it more exciting, she printed out a signage "Audrey's Cafe & Restaurant" made from illustration board, and pasted it using glue.

To jazz up the mini kitchen, Mommy Rodessa uses her daughter's existing kitchen toys to complete the look

The oven range switches are made from jar caps.

To make the sink, she uses her existing 6x2 baking pan. The faucet is made from an empty hand-soap bottle.

.... and tadah! Her little kitchen-diva :D

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  1. This is so cute! I would love to do something like this for my "future" daughter too. :D


  2. This project looks wonderful and it must have been really fun to make!

    1. it's terrific! Stay tune for their next project :)

  3. Wow! That turned out so perfect! Makes Me want to be a kid again myself! Love all the small details! Your Kitchen Diva is one lucky girl! Keep her cooking! She may become the next kid food star!!
    *Blessings* Erica

  4. How do you keep the counters and shelf from flopping over from the weights?

    1. Just add another layer of cardboard on top, glued and let it dry. Then topped the next cardboard box for your cabinet.

  5. Oh my god, this mini kitchen exudes love. This little girl is so lucky to have these loving parents.

    1. Indeed, at the early age she got her Michelin kitchen!


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