Travel Biz: Why Travel Brands Should Not Reject Instagram?

Image: grabbed from Instagram feed

In the era of digital imagery, travel companies use wide variety of websites for marketing their destinations, and it became a critical part of the travel decision-making process.

Admit it, our travel (either group or solo) wouldn't be complete without those snapshots, and Instagram worthy photos that we invested with full time and lots of effort.

New research from Eyefor Travel reveals that 60% of travel companies are now using image-based social network Instagram as part of their marketing. Facebook remains the most-used (95% of travel companies) but also in the mix are Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. However, several newer networks have made it into the top 10 most-used sites including Pinterest, Tumblr, Foursquare and Vimeo.

Furthermore, as well as using social networks for brand awareness, travel companies could soon be using them to encourage people to "Book Now".

In addition to being present on social networks, 70% of travel brands are increasingly incorporating user-generated social content into their websites.

"Imagery is a critical part of the travel decision-making process and we can see that from our results with the ascendancy of sites specializing in this and video," said Alex Hadwick, head of research at EyeforTravel. "This should open up exciting opportunities for travel companies to engage in more direct marketing to consumers through social media channels. They are also now able to close the loop, with several of these sites adding 'buy buttons' that can redirect to a brand's booking pages."

Source: bizreport

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