TIPCO Juice Packed with Antioxidants

TIPCO Juice Packed with Antioxidants, fresh juice

Have you tried TIPCO Fresh Juices? Like all the flavors?

You won’t regret buying these juices. Instead of having soda on your table, why not switch to something healthier and yummier, fresh juice from TIPCO.

Available in 8 awesome flavors, such us Mixed Veggies, Broccoli, Aloe Vera, Orange Medley, Cranberry, Red Grape, Pomegranate and Cherry Berry.

I’ve heard a lot of tweets about these juices but only recently I bought myself some test samples when I did after-lunch shopping at Robinsons Grocery in Forbestown, Bonifacio Global City.

I didn’t want to be overwhelmed so I initially bought Mixed Veggies, Broccoli, and Aloe Vera flavor.

But oohh boy these taste soo goody!

Way way better than your soda, of course.

So each time I have cravings, I turn to TIPCO Juices! To make it more chic, I transferred some juices to my empty juice bottle I’ve save at home.

TIPCO Juice Packed with Antioxidants

You can also serve TIPCO juices to your afternoon chill party with your girlfriends! Just transfer it to clear glasses or bottles like I did, jazz it up and voila! Sassy drinks on you!

Ohh one more thing, these are also good for your kiddos, especially the mixed veggie flavor and the broccoli. These might be a good training for your kids and start to love vegetables!

TIPCO Juice Packed with Antioxidants

TIPCO Juice Packed with Antioxidants

TIPCO Juice Packed with Antioxidants

TIPCO Juice Packed with Antioxidants

For only 110pesos per pack, you can now have a sure healthy drink for you and your family!

PS. If you used to sharing your drinks to your pets (yeah I know some who does – beer, coffee, whatever) then I’m not sure if these are okay for your pets. So better not share it, or have it on your own risk. Just saying.

These are available at most leading groceries stores nationwide.

Shopping Tip: If you have nearest Robinson Supermarket, I recommend you buy it there and your other stuffs. Just my observation – it is more cheaper compared to other I shopped in like in SM Supermarket, Market Market, and Rustans’ Marketplace.

...BUT, if you know other places where we could buy this way cheaper, please please let us know!

xoxo, Blair

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  1. When i drink tipco .. I dont know but i always pee .. Hihi is ot bad ?

    1. Not at all! It means it is working and helps you detox :)


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