Duterte for President

Okay so this is just another blog post about the upcoming election and finally I will write something about politics. If you are one of the long time followers of my blog, you’ve noticed that I stay away from controversial issues of politics and religions (just because I believe that we are all entitles for our own opinions and your own choices), but things have changed.

You know what, WTF

This is my blog and I will say whatever I wanna say.

I admit that I’m not only one who got soooo tired of reading rants, hate messages, back and forth (like a table tennis game) about who you gonna vote, blah blah blah….

For those of you who will feel bad and annoyed about this post, then I suggest you go elsewhere because you don’t belong here. And for those of you lovely reading who are open-minded enough, and also agrees with me, then you are ALL WELCOME TO STAY HERE!!!!

Also let me inform you that this post is a lengthy one, but don’t worry because I will try to give sense on it, hahahaha.

And for anyone who will call me DUTERTAD, then so be it. I am DUTERTAD and I’m fucking proud of it.

But first, let me inform you that I can’t cast my vote because I’m not A REGISTERED VOTER (yup my silly fault). I am a non-registered DUTERTAD. {hyena-laugh}

…. And this won’t stop me to support the leader that I want to follow and be our guide.

And even I’m not a registered voter – I will tell you that I have more right on choosing who I want to be this country’s leader.

Because I’m a taxpayer citizen. And since our government has been grabbing my hard-earned money for taxes then I have MORE RIGHTS to express my voice. Amen to fellow taxpayers!!!!

Anyway, let’s get back to the main point why I’m writing this post.

I’m soooooooooooooooooooooo done with the corruptions here and there around us. Since my childhood, I’ve witness on my own eyes how corrupt and dirty our politics are, and I almost want to puke on this faces.

Let me tell you a story I’ve experienced years back.

I grew-up in my Mom’s rural hometown in Bicol, where I admit most are living under poverty line (my family-included, although I felt we are still fortunate and blessed) and like many others, my Mom’s relatives are also in politics. And I’ve witness a lot of dirtiness – illegal guns, vote buying (ahhh like frenzy) harassments for voters that wouldn’t take their sides, etc, etc.. I also remember when my Mom’s cousin was running for a barangay captain, and vote buying is everywhere.

A night before the election, his team will go to each voter’s house to give them cash together with the sample ballot (like you are an idiot to forget who will you vote, or suddenly the next day you will have amnesia, or dementia) and keep asking assurance to get your vote. Sometimes, during the election day, candies and other delights are being distributed to voters before entering the assigned precinct, which enclosed small bills 20pesos, 50pesos or if you got lucky enough a 100pesos.

Approximately, a voter can earn as high as 5000pesos each election, that is if you are soo eager to sell your votes and diligent to reach-out these candidates like you are selling fishes house-to-house. (IF YOU KNOW SOMEBODY WHO GOT MUCH HIGHER THEN MESSAGE ME!)

I wouldn’t deny the fact I also received some of dirty cash during my first vote (and I admit adults are really good influencers that time) so I kept the dirty cash without further questions (I remember I received a total of 1,500pesos then) yup a cheapos, lol.

Then, I though ah it’s okay coz everyone is doing it!

I started realizing the consequences after few months. Some part of it I do regret, and most of the part I don’t – because that experience serves an eye-opener for me, how the system is infected by a severe disease that should be avoided the next time it happen. And that’s what I did.

Duterte for President

From then on, I decided not to exercise my right for suffrage. Because I haven’t found the right leader that deserves my vote. For years, I learned not to give trust to these politicians.

Yes, that includes my Mom’s relatives who are into politics.. Not to my Dad’s side because they are not into politics (as far as I know).

Dirty politics divides the people… including your family.

It is very easy to say that “yeah, even though we have different views about politics, we are still family and we respect each other’s’ choices,” but the ugly truth is – it is not that easy.

Okay, apology for my examples are based on my firsthand experience and it happens to my family.
Before my Mom’s cousin and his family decided to pursue their career on politics, I remember we are very close (no wonder because our houses are just few steps away from each other). Knowing that my Dad has always been having this different views of politics and the system, still our relatives are very close to him. It started to change after election, and the relatives are owning the position – they came too greedy with power, overwhelming with the bureaucracy and my Dad doesn’t agree with it.

Until such time that they have conflicts and my Dad still didn’t agree with the corrupt ways they implementing, to the point that we are receiving harassments (and yeah threats)… And since my Dad is a man with honor, he stand to what he believes in, until his last day.

I salute my Dad and still have this high regards for him. The fact that he is not a local (he is from Laguna, born in Manila) he tried to help educating the people to open their eyes for the truth, and be free from the corrupt system, and not to be afraid for a good change. Though my Dad failed to uplift these people, my Dad didn’t failed to uplift me, together with my family. We grew up more mature-thinking and learned from those mistakes of yesterdays, which helps us to stand still stronger.

Okay, we all heard, read (and experienced) how Rodrigo Duterte govern his people in Davao City, and how his team with his leadership help its neighboring provinces in times of needs. I don’t need to itemize his accomplishment because it’s all available online and it’s already common knowledge.

But why there are still thousands of people who doesn’t like (some are not convinced) or worst hates Duterte.

Because he is immoral. He is violent. And he is exercising an iron-fist?

Ah, thank you very much for your beliefs because it will bring you very good future.. really very good enough (I’m being sarcastic).

Duterte for President

Duterte as immoral, committed adultery and still having girlfriends on the side.

Here’s my views on this: It is not our fucking business if he has 2 or more wives or girlfriends!

The mere fact that he acknowledge these women in his life is an act of bravery and deserves great respect. They say that Duterte belittles women? Ohh poor souls, you need to do some more constant reading and research before throwing your stones, okay. If he belittles his women, he wouldn’t acknowledge the existence of these women, and his private situation with his ex-wife.

Legally, he is annulled, means he is a free man – he can have as many women as he likes, and we all know that he can support and takes care of them. In any angle, it is not our damn business.

Does his private like affects his ways of governing his jurisdiction? Search it online and ask someone from his place – they are the living proof anyway.

Duterte uses violence, severe violence.

Do you think those previous violent wars around the world doesn’t give a single possibility on us?
Think about this, without those wars we wouldn’t be existing now.

Violence is not 100% bad…. Violence only becomes a bad thing when used in a negative ways with negative intentions.

Violence is one act of giving a discipline and example to do what is right.

Duterte for President

Some of you are afraid of the consequences if Duterte wins the election… I tell you YES you should be all afraid, including myself. I’m not afraid of the violence, because it is part of living in the world. I’m not afraid of violence because I believe that it will bring long-term ordinance and peace in our heart and our next generation. I don’t afraid with violence because I have a strong faith to the leader of my choosing – he is not stupid to replay what happened many decades ago.

But YES you should be afraid, because your corrupt ideas and ways will be perished.

Your greediness and selfishness will be suppressed because he will have a good leader who knows exactly what he wants, and will try in all his power to fix what is already broken, or start anew. Either way, you should be afraid for the goodness, or I personally couldn’t wait that to happen (ah with matching popcorn on my side).

Look at these people.

Duterte for President

Duterte in Legazpi City, Albay, photo credit - Maria Josefa V. Demetriou
Duterte for President
Duterte in Legazpi City, Albay, photo credit - Maria Josefa V. Demetriou

Only Duterte is the leader that I know that drives us to push ourselves to show initiative to do what is right. Look at these people making their initiative of preparing their own campaign materials using their own money, considering that it will cost them a lot and will scrape an amount from their daily budget.

Duterte for President, Mocha Girls
Duterte Rally in Central Hong Kong - photo credit: Mocha Girls

And yet, they are very happy, energetic sharing their contributions because they all have huge faith to their chosen leader. I haven’t seen this kind of energy in my life. And I have happy it is happening now.

Me Choosing Duterte, means honoring my Father

Supporting Duterte’s campaign is not because I am influenced by my parents (hey, I asked my Mom who she will vote and she said he will choose Grace Poe… me eyes rolling yes).

It is because I have experienced firsthand these dirty government and excessive bureaucracy, and I want to wake-up in a morning, having a peaceful mind.

Duterte for President

My Dad was a very strict person, and he is a disciplinarian. I’ve experienced his iron-fist type of guidance on us, and you know what – I couldn’t be more happier with the result. I learned to obey properly, and with his guidance I became the person I am right now.

I’m not afraid of this kind of chance, to follow a strict rules because I’ve already experienced it from my family. It is something that is not new for me. I see it as a challenge – because each challenge that you’ve encountered and finished will give you good results.

If my Dad is alive, I’m 100% sure he will support Duterte’s campaign with no doubt.

And now that he is gone, it is my great honor to pursue this campaign. It will be exciting actually! Well, my Mom is a bit boring … sorry MOM!


Duterte for President

As an online (and offline) influencer, it will be a great shame on me if I wouldn't use my influence to encourage all of you to choose the best leader. I am also thankful that with our help, Duterte’s propagandas will be quickly realized. Yes Duterte can’t save us per se…. that’s why he needs our help. He have solutions to unite the people regardless of your beliefs, religion and races. He have solutions and ways to uplift our spirit, giving us hope for a new chance or new beginnings.

Let’s support this badass, and kiss that corruptions and crimes goodbye.

Duterte for President

Disclaimer: I am not being paid for this lengthy post, and it really took me time reminiscing those shit experiences, and this is something that money can’t buy. I respect some influencers who got paid to spread the opposition candidates' campaign, well everyone needs to work in order to serve food on their tables. But one thing that shows – they lack initiative, something that needs guidance.

Gladly, I have my sharp wits, my voice… and my lipstick for this campaign!!!

Anyway, good luck for us all…CAST YOUR VOTE WISELY!!!

For my fellow DUTERTARDS – damn right, we kickass those shits.

xoxo, Blair

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