Selfie & Swatches: Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks

I love Maybelline

maybelline lipstick swatches and review

And I can’t deny it.

Maybe because I find it fun, adventurous, full of life.

Maybe because I find them AWESOME.

Because they gives coolest and huge sales!

Ahhh because it’s Maybelline :D

maybelline lipstick swatches and review

Anyway, I am excited to show you my initial Maybelline Color Show Lipstick purchases that I’ve got months back (like 3 months ago) when they had this humongous sale!

maybelline lipstick swatches and review

Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks are sold for Php165.00 each, but during that SALE period, I got these for Php150.00 each (I actually bought 7 different shades), and I used my SM Advantage points, so technically I purchased these for nadah :D (Come to think of it, saving shopping points is really helpful!)

So take a little seconds of your time to take a look of my initial lipsticks selfie swatches Red my Lips, Nude Mocha, Perfect Plum, Downtown Red, Orange Icon, Neon Red, and Neon Fushsia. My apology if you find my selcas a little annoying :D

maybelline lipstick swatches and review


These lipsticks are packaged in a simple glossy black (just like the other Maybelline lipsticks), with a rim corresponding to its shades. They do close with a slight click, so it is definitely safe to travel with in your bag. But if you are going for a long travel, I suggest you store it inside a zip-lock plastic bag along with your other make-ups, to prevent from any damages.

Though every lipsticks has the same packaging designs and colors you can identify the exact shades at the bottom of each lipstick where it indicates the shades name and its shade number, which will be helpful when you need to repurchase for your new stocks.

The manufacture and expiration dates are also indicated along with the shades label.

maybelline lipstick swatches and review

… texture and formula

These lipsticks are fairly creamy, but doesn’t smudge easily (well sometimes it depends on how active you are). It is no really dry to wear on the lips, applies smoothly. These are combination of matte and a little hint of shine.

Pigmentation wise they are moderate to deep, (not too intense for some) but in my case it is really pigmented. Let me remind you that one shade might be not too intense to you, but intense to your friend’s lips, it is because we have different skin texture.

It is creamy, tastes like candy (but not intense) doesn’t have glitters, and actually you don’t need to use lip gloss after applying it.

maybelline lipstick swatches and review

I’m kind-of acidic so most shades got too intense on me which I loooovvee! But with this Orange Icon, lipstick shade becomes reddish on my lips due to my acidity.

 But for some, you can get the desired results by repeated swipes on the lips. I did it with Orange Icon.

And for the rest of these selfies (except Orange Icon), I did one (1) swipe to get my desired kissable shade.

maybelline lipstick swatches and review

… Staying power

These lipsticks stayed to my lips for 4 to 5 hours (sometimes longer!) and it is good for me coz sometimes I’m kind of lazy. It had minimal transfer which I liked most. Even I eat and drink, it still there.

Sometimes I just topped it with gloss just to give a little moist, and no need for touched-up.
It also helps when you apply lip liner, coz it makes your lipstick stay longer on your lips.

By the way, it’s life span is about 36 months (that’s 3 years!) after you opened its seal.

maybelline lipstick swatches and review

Another reason why I love these shades? I can wear it during daytime and night-time with no hush-hush. Plus these shades seems complement to my tan-complexion.

Will I repurchase again? Hell yeah! I’ve been using it and keep on purchasing for years since I started to earn my own money.

I’ve learned using Maybelline lipsticks from my Mom… she’s also a fan :D

maybelline lipstick swatches and review

(PS. This is NOT a sponsored post. Maybelline Philippines never sends me anything for sample, but it doesn’t matter coz I’m their market for many years now).

maybelline lipstick swatches and review

xoxo, Blair

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