UNIQLO Brings back Stylish Yukata this Summer

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For true-blue travelers, there is nothing more fulfilling than to experience the way of life from one place and another. You've got tons of travel photos, and diligently curating the others for your IG account, plus your well-written content on your online diary/blogs. And for some, these are not complete...

Unless you experience dressing-up traditionally.

When you travel to Japan as a tourist, you would not hesitate to enjoy the fun of wearing the traditional yukata, especially during summer season.

Those long colorful fabrics, which makes it very comfortable to wear. Yukata is a casual garment that keeps you cool and comfortable even when you perspire. UNIQLO's yukata look fantastic and are available in classic Japanese color combinations and patterns. They are 100% cotton.

Uniqlo aims to deliver traditional and casual Japanese garments to wardrobes all over the world.

This summer season, they are bringing back the Yukata Collection, featuring its newest bright and bold prints, with traditional Japanese designs and collaborated with new designer Masaru Suzuki.

 UNIQLO Yukata Collection

 UNIQLO Yukata Collection

Its unique and fascinating range of colorful textile products feature bold composition combined with depth of color and motifs including animals and plants, which bring a smile to everyone.

 UNIQLO Yukata Collection

How to wear the yukata like a true Japanese? Check the infographics below and practice!

 UNIQLO Yukata Collection

how to tie the obi

how to wear a yukata

You may also check the video here on how to wear a yukata, and how to tie the obi.

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