Will You Wear These Dresses Made of Native Materials?

Will You Wear These Dresses Made of Native Materials? Miss Ibalong 2016

Hello Girlfriends! How’s your weekend?

Since the arrival of ber-months, lots and lots of dressing-up parties are coming and it’s crazy because it’s the time of the year that we could enjoy these stuffs before the year ends.

Some thinks that dressing-up is quite easy (yeah) but here are the most stressing part…

What I should wear???

Should I borrow? Rent out? Make one? Or buy a new one?

How much would I willing to spend for a new costume, which I will be using for one occasion?

And the last question is..

Will this be worth it?

See those stressing questions?

But I’m telling you – I would never spend a thousand bucks for a party costume.

So I was browsing my Facebook feed months ago and came across with these beautiful dresses all made of native local materials – fabrics all made of abaca, papers, dried leaves, twigs, chicken feathers, shells, all painted with glitters and other ornaments.

These dresses are featured during this year’s Miss Ibalong Festival 2016, a local beauty pageant hosted by the City of Legazpi, Philippines.

Beauty pageants are always an occasion that I always enjoyed those dresses parading the stage, all created mostly by new designers. It’s like a fashion week, but also judging not only the dresses, but and the wits and glam of all contestants.

Will You Wear These Dresses Made of Native Materials?

Will You Wear These Dresses Made of Native Materials?

Isn’t these dresses so beautiful and stunning?!

All are handcrafted and meticulously sewed (and glued) perfectly designed to create a well piece of art.

Yes this kind of creation is considered a work-of-art. And I am proud to share these to my readers.

All Filipino made.

What’s your favourite handcrafted dress? Will you wear one made of local all-natural made dress?

xoxo, Blair

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  1. I would definitely wear a local made dress. There's no need for spending money on expensive things. Making something on your own is always better, plus it has something special!

  2. Having beautiful and branding cloths is really awesome, but when come to spending issue, is just so hard to get the cash put from our pocket/bank. I do agree have a local dress is not that bad some dresses is just way too amazing.

    1. I agree, we just have to be creative and resourceful for our clothing, an save our money to the bank for a more important expenses.

      Thank you again Apple!

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