How to Wear Your Duster Dress like an It Girl in Maldives

duster dress
Before any confusion, this loose dress is called a duster here in the Philippines. Typically worn as a house dress in the Philippines and in other parts of Asia because of its comfortable and long-wearing fabrics. And because it is a loose size, it is perfect wear at home, especially during the summer season.
But in some parts outside Asia, duster dress or caftan for Mexicans are seen to be IT and fashionable, being worn by most IT celebrities and socialites.

One of these is designed by the Aussie-born, UK-based contributing editor for British Vogue Pippa Holt creates wonderfully optimistic in citrus bright and bold stripes yet crafted from practical cotton, each caftan is hand-woven by artisans in Mexico.

These designs are being sold online for $845, but with our Asian version – you’ll get is less than $2.00

duster dress in the Philippines

duster dress in the Philippines

That’s ridiculous right?!

Actually, you can DIY it yourself! This shapeless dress can be easily made by anyone, and I bet every Asian Moms’ did it too.

Now that duster/caftan dresses are IT for summer, how can you wear them on the beach without looking like your Momma?

Check these (8) eight tips on wearing a duster dress this summer:
1). Be creative and accessorize it with your city blings.

2). Fix your hair. Never wear this dress with undone, you-wake-up-like-this kind of hair. It’s a NO-NO and you might be mistaken as a depressing woman.

3). Have your nails done. A nice well-manicured nail is gorgeous with this dress.

4). Wear your duster/caftan dress with your summer strappy sandals. Or even your gladiator shoes for a more summer-city vibe look. You don’t have to be on a vacation to wear this look.

5). An afternoon tea with the ladies at TWG Saloon? Wear this duster dress and paired it with your gorgeous belt, heels, and eyewear. You’ll look chic and expensive!

6). Wear minimal make-up when wearing a duster/caftan dress. Usually, the fabric is colorful so wearing too much make-up will only ruin the whole look. Plumy lips would be gorgeous.

duster dress in the Philippines

7). Wear it on top of your bikini! This looks great and could give you enough coverage after your swim.

8). Wear it as a top with your summer shorts. Or any bottoms that you like.

But if you still fancy these $$$ caftan dresses designed by Pippa Holt, you may visit her other designs at this website.

Well a cheapo in me would never buy though. Who needs to buy these pieces, if I’ve already acquired some inspiration? I chose to DIY.

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  1. Oh wow.. if only I had the figure to rock these cool dresses

    1. Oh these are just loose dresses, similar to what our old ladies uses in the house. The only difference is the brand.

  2. The dress is so prettyyyyy! I need to have one (or two) :P

    1. Me too! I will check the nearest thrift store and DIY myself.

  3. I love how you call it as duster dress. I like duster dress as it make me look tall n slim.

    1. Thank you Betty. Yeah we locally called it duster dress! Its comfy :)

  4. Pippa sounds like someone who appropriates other people's cultural (weaved cotton) attire. i hope she pays those weavers as much as the $900 she sells for each of the Muumuu (hawaiian term).Pippa Holt = Cancelled


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