Faburrito at BGC Stopover

Review - Faburrito at BGC Stopover

I knew that Faburrito restaurant have opened their newest branch here at Bonifacio Global City many months ago, but only recently that I had an opportunity to pay them a visit.

I’ve known Faburrito restaurant for years, since they’ve opened its first branch in The Column Makati City near RCBC Plaza, and I was hoping that I would enjoy the same taste I had been raving back then. Since I’ve moved to Bonifacio Global City three years ago, I rarely visit their branch in Makati, and believe me, I am literally happy that they decided to expand here in BGC.

After my client meetings near the neighborhood, I decided to dropped-by at their restaurant. It was raining hard so I thought it will be a perfect time to enjoy those veggie chicken burrito I always loved, while waiting for the rain to stop.

Review - Faburrito at BGC Stopover

Review - Faburrito at BGC Stopover

I felt that a lot have been change in Faburrito. They’ve upgrade their branding concept and that includes their interior designs and layout. But for the foods, I didn’t noticed much change.
They still offer the same chicken burrito that I like (well, maybe they have now in two sizes). And other foods are still the same.

Review - Faburrito at BGC Stopover

Ahhh maybe there are little changes but I didn’t bother to ask.

Well because I’m only after for my chicken burrito.

And to kill time and wait for the rain to bid goodbyes.

Review - Faburrito at BGC Stopover

Review - Faburrito at BGC Stopover

Review - Faburrito at BGC Stopover
And here’s my chicken burrito, with chips on the side!

I just noticed that it seems its a bit smaller than before. There chicken roasted is a bit dry during that day and seems lacking that good savoury taste. What I meant is, their burrito seems losing its life compared before when I had it from their first branch in Makati.

Which makes me wonder… is the taste changes through the years, or maybe because they are expanding and cutting costs, which affects the output of their dishes.

Whatever that is, it isn’t the same burrito that I’ve tasted before no matter how much habaneros and spicy sauce I add with it.

It lost its life…

How much more of their other dishes?

That afternoon was kind of slow, I’ve tried to stay for two hours and no customers comes in.

Maybe because of the rain… I don’t know.

Review - Faburrito at BGC Stopover

Another thing I felt bothered is when my right arm was bumped to edge of the table, and got myself a bruise. I’m telling you that their tables’ edges are really sharp and too edgy and pointy on the side, too dangerous especially when there are kids around.

They should consider changing their tables or opt to install some support for the table. I guess those thing are available on Japanese stores.

Review - Faburrito at BGC Stopover

However, these framed food-for-the-thoughts are so cute and adorable, which gives me delight.

But still the table, bothers me most.

I went back to the office clinic to get some medicines for my arm.

Overall verdict: 2.5 stars

Review - Faburrito at BGC Stopover

xoxo, Blair


  1. Ay ka sad. The place looks nice though. I love burritos pa naman.

    1. The place is nice - yes.

      But safety is necessary. We think the worst case scenario ahead to prevent it.

  2. It’s always sad when our faves change. :( I hate being disappointed with food, but it can’t be helped. I hope they read your post so they can improve the taste of their burrito and return it to how it once was for you.

    Sorry about your arm! Hope you didn’t bruise it too bad!

    1. Yeah hope they did. Sayang they have potential.
      Regarding my arm, it's healed na. But as long as they don't fix those table, accidents and further damages will happen (to other customers).

  3. Hope your arms are okay now. Hope the management would do something about the table.

    The place name is quite catchy though. Fabburito! ❤️

    Our family loves burrito! Are there other options available in the area?

    1. My arm is okay na, thank :D
      The other place I like for burritos is from Chihuahua Mexican Grill, they have two branches here in BGC.

  4. Too bad the quality of their food has changed. We've dined at Bonifacio Stopover several times already but have never tried Faburrito.

    1. Hello Janice,

      You should try as well. You might like their veggie burritos.

  5. My daughter loves burritos butt we've never tried Faburrito yet. I think we should give them a try soon.

    1. Hello Peachy,

      Yeah you should try. I think you will like it especially you haven't tried it before.


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