Beauty Next & Now Matte Bolds Swatches + Review

Beauty Next & Now Matte Bolds Swatches + Review

I love bold colored lipsticks because according to my Amore, it makes me lips more plump and seductive. Well, except the shades of greens, blues or black which I don’t use for that matter.

So I am always in search of good bold colored lipstick that I could add to my collection.

One of the collection I’ve stumbled few weeks ago is this Beauty Next & Now Matte Bold liquid lipstick.

Weeks prior I’ve also bought and reviewed the nude shade version of this brand and it was also good and now happily included to my stash.

During my Christmas gift shopping, I decided to grab some of these lipstick as a gift for my female colleagues, and also got a box for my own consumption and testing.

Beauty Next & Now Matte Bolds Swatches + Review

Just like the nude version, it was packaged in this simple straightforward box, which is available at Market Market. Five (5) different shades of lipsticks for a price of Php399 is pretty damn good.

Beauty Next & Now Matte Bolds Swatches + Review

But here’s another surprise..

By the time I’ve purchased this set, it was on holiday sale and only got it for only Php299!

Wow that’s the discount I love!

Beauty Next & Now Matte Bolds Swatches + Review

Similar with the nude shades, these lipsticks have that vanilla/caramel scent but, doesn’t taste it either.

I love how pigmented they are on my lips, and how easy for them to glide to my lips, and dries quickly.

Beauty Next & Now Matte Bolds Swatches + Review

Unfortunately, these collection doesn’t have names or numbers for each shades, so I took a liberty to organized it this way for familiarity. You could see how pigmented they are, and in just a less than two minutes they are complete dries-up, and didn’t transfer when being rubbed.

If you are in a hurry, this lipstick is perfect for you!

Although I’ve noticed that it does removed after I’ve ate a lot, but then at least they leave that prominent tinted shades on my lips. Nevertheless, I’ve only need to reapply it once, after I’ve ate.

But it doesn’t removed that easily when I only drink beverages or coffee.

For me, it is still convenient

In order to remove these lippies, I’m using Biore Oil-based makeup remover or my Pond’s cold cream. But you have to thoroughly massage it to remove it completely, or use a scrub and rub it on your skin with make-up removers.

Beauty Next & Now Matte Bolds Swatches + Review
Here am using Beauty Next & Now in red shade no. 2

This shade is so red with a bit of orangey mix. Super bold enough, which I didn’t need to wear further makeup, except my foundation, prepping my eyebrows, and the usual eyeliner.

Beauty Next & Now Matte Bolds Swatches + Review
Here I’m wearing Beauty Next & Now in a darker shade number 5. Am just not sure if this shade suits me well, quite darker in my opinion, so I tend to mixed it with other berry shade that I have.
This is perfect if I am in an edgy mood!

Beauty Next & Now Matte Bolds Swatches + Review
And recently, I’ve found myself consuming most of the Beauty Next & Now shade number 1 – perfect for a daily wear in the workplace, or whenever I need a lipstick before going to the supermarket :D

Beauty Next & Now Matte Bolds Swatches + Review

These Beauty Next & Now liquid lipsticks is another budget-friendly lipstick that you can get in the market, especially for students and those who are working on a tight budget. These also can be a sweet gift for your girlfriends and Moms, because truly every woman needs a reliable lipstick on her own.

It is our one true bestfriend we can always rely on.

xoxo, Blair


  1. Such an interesting name! I love the shades especially shade 2.

  2. What a nice matte. Personally love no 3 and 5. I think that matte Suitable to wear when meet people and on monday blues to cheer up

  3. Wow! I do really love the shades of these swatches. You look beautiful in shade number 2.

  4. Love the bold colours that you have selected. They really make your lips plump, sexy and seductive. Black, blue and green are for Halloween. HAHAHA

    1. lol yeah so true! Ohh I even saw a silver, gold lipstick.. my boyfriend doesn't like it.

  5. All the colors looks pretty on you babe! I agree that the color does look bold but some color looks pretty on you =)

  6. Happy I found this blog. Thanks for the concise review! The plum shade looks good on you btw. My bf bought me the trio bolds. On first swipe, they look like gel tints but if you layer them, you get the matte pigment you're looking for. Serves both purpose depending on your mood. :) I might have to check the nudes you have reviewed as they look promising!


    1. Yeah I like them and very versatile! Ubos na nga babe!
      The nude shades, I sometimes use them for my lids :D


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