Top Malaysian Halal Cosmetics I Wished PH Have

Top MY Halal Cosmetics That I Wished PH Have
Ramadan had officially started yesterday and I dedicate this blog post for our Muslimah friends worldwide!

While there is an abundance of cosmetic brands in the market (both east and west cosmetic brands), there still limited choice for Muslim women who prefer halal cosmetics.

Many cosmetics companies are claiming that their products are cruelty-free, however many customers prefer to be specific for the product certifications, thanks for the internet accessibility were we can easily verify their claims.

Because of increasing demand, many cosmetic companies including some Korean skincare companies are starting to submit their application to gain the Halal certification.

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By the way, what is Halal beauty?

The meaning of the Arabic word ‘halal’, in English, is permissible or lawful. For Muslims, it is a religious obligation to ensure that whatever they use, consume or wear is halal and free from ‘haram’ – or forbidden – substances.

When it comes to beauty goods, it’s quite common to find products manufactured with forbidden ingredients such as alcohol and pig-derived fat, gelatin or collagen. In addition to this, Muslim’s are required to respect and love all of the Almighty’s creations, making it haram to hurt or harm animals for the sake of beauty.

Simply put, that means halal products are also cruelty-free!

Since the Philippines also comprises of both Muslims and non-Muslims community, there is still a huge gap of in the market to cater the increasing demand of Muslim’s customers.

It’s no wonder that the lucrative beauty industry has seen the emergence of independent local beauty brands. Especially in Malaysia.

Here are the top halal cosmetics in Malaysia that I wished we have here in the Philippines.

1. dUCk Cosmetics

dUCk cosmetics is the latest kid on the block for the group! Offering the latest and coolest tones in colour cosmetics; its products are essential in a woman’s everyday life. Created with the modern city girl in mind - dUCk Cosmetics is the beauty solution for the modern girl on the move!

2. Kamelia Cosmetics

3. Nita Cosmetics

4. Orkid Cosmetics

5. Dida for Women Cosmetics
Dida is a cosmetics company founded by two entrepreneurs, Tengku Chanela Jamidah and Didie Nasir.  The two founders are longtime friends and have always supported each other in their career paths as well as their personal lives. Having talked about A possible collaboration, they discovered that they wished to create a business that not only would benefit themselves but all women alike. Makeup was the first thing that came to mind. They believe that not only all types of woman would wear makeup but it also made them feel better about themselves.

6. So.lek
SO.LEK is a cosmetic brand that is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Founded by two siblings, Dahlia Nadirah & Luqman Hakim. Dahlia was inspired to venture into this industry after a trip to New York City where there were endless variety of affordable cosmetics brands. The name SO.LEK was inspired by two things; alat-solek (which means make-up in English) and the words “SO? Relax!”. These two words are often used by the siblings. As for the logo, it was inspired by the traditional bottle of eye-liner (or ‘celak’) that was used by their late grandmother. As a brand, SO.LEK aims to give a new meaning of confidence and to also enhance their users’ beauty

7. Marcella & Co

Is Halal beauty exclusive for Muslims’ only?

Absolutely, no!

It is for everybody! Although halal products meet the standards set by Islamic requirements, anyone can use halal products. Halal beauty products serve as an ethical lifestyle option for non-Muslims.

Think of it as a new beauty standard, knowing that your purchase has been produced cruelty- and alcohol- free, and free from pig-derived substances.

Halal beauty products can also be sought out to address specific concerns. For instance, halal beauty products can be used by someone who has sensitive skin, since products are free from the astringent effects of alcohol, regardless of whether or not they are Muslim.

Knowing that the products you use undergoes strict and clean process makes you feel at ease.

For a business stand of point, having a certification in halal is a huge marketing impact to the customers, both Muslims and non-Muslims who are very concern with ethical standards.

To know more how to get a Halal Certification, you may visit the website http://halalfoodcouncil.com.ph

Have you used any halal cosmetics? What is your most favorites? Let me know your thoughts below.

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xoxo, Blair

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  1. Oh, I thought that since Philippines also have a large Muslim community, there are already popular home-grown Halal cosmetic brands. I hope Malaysian brands will branch off to PH soon!

    1. Hello Emily,

      The sad truth is - NONE.
      I've been blogging for so long and I've never encountered any local beauty brand that is halal. Most of the first existing beauty brands are from Europe and US, and those are no halal. Then comes some Asian brands which are also non-halal.

      Yes, Philippines have a huge Muslim community, but they are misrepresented, specifically in beauty and fashion industry.

  2. nice name this cosmetic..looks interesting..i love makeup , lgai-lagi makeup yang halal macam ni..its good for face

    1. Thanks dear! I do hope they come to the Philippines!

  3. Indeed a huge market in Malaysia for Halal products. A plus indeed that there are many brands to choose from. Especially love the colors from Solek

    1. Are you a fan of Solek?! I do wish they make it available here in the Philippines.

  4. Even I'm staying in Malaysia does not know so many Halal beauty here at MY! Thanks for the sharing, some of the brand has really good quality product to try! Don't mind trying =P


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