This new tower will give you an awesome view of Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya Sky, with the height of 230 metres tall is the tallest building in Shibuya with 47 floors.
Your Shibuya photography will be more amazing when you visit this tower.

Today, SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE SQUARE Co., Ltd. opens Shibuya Scramble Square Phase I (East), a large-scale multipurpose complex and, at 230 metres, the tallest building in Shibuya with 47 floors above ground.

On opening day, numerous visitors formed a long queue, eagerly awaiting the opening of the new facility.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony on the ground floor kicked off the celebrations. The grand opening event itself then followed with a keynote speech given by Kensuke Horiuchi, the general manager of the building's Department of Commerce and Observatory (Sales II group).

The developers behind the project have not only taken pride in the fact that the building is opening with 213 shops and restaurants already in operation from day one, including retailers that are setting up shop for the first time in Japan or the Shibuya area, but also in that the shops were already packed with customers seeking pre-sale items and merchandise that will only be available at Shibuya Scramble Square. The 2,500 square-meter SHIBUYA SKY, one of the biggest rooftop observatories in Japan, quickly proved highly popular with visitors who purchased advance tickets from the official website. They enjoyed the panoramic view from what is now the highest vantage point in Shibuya (some 230m above the street) as well as the observatory's interior, specially designed by the "Rhizomatiks design" section of Rhizomatiks, a world-class creator group. SHIBUYA QWS, an interactive business community space based on the concept of "an intersection of possibilities that question the world from Shibuya", where individuals from diverse backgrounds come together and collaborate to invent new seeds of societal value, opened the doors to even those who are not members and launched OPEN QWS, an event that aims to encourage more people to utilize this facility.  

Shibuya Sky, with the height of 230 metres tall is the tallest building in Shibuya with 47 floors.
the view above Shibuya Sky

The SHIBUYA SKY observation deck is located on the 14th, 45th, 46th and rooftop floors, while offices occupy the 17th to 45th floors. SHIBUYA QWS, an industrial exchange space, takes up the 15th floor, while the retail establishments span the basement 2 to the 14th floor.

As one of Japan's largest rooftop observation facilities, the SHIBUYA SKY observation deck comprises three experiences: SKY GATE, a space that rises from the 14th to 45th floor, SKY STAGE, an observatory area on the rooftop, and SKY GALLERY, an indoor observation passageway on the 46th floor. Each space has a different role, together creating a continuous experience for the visitor, from the entrance to the exit. The rooftop observation area is notable for its architectural designs and a lineup of activities that give visitors an opportunity to completely immerse themselves in the 360° panoramic view of the city, including famous landmarks such as Mount Fuji and Tokyo Skytree®. The indoor observation decks on the 14th, 45th and 46th floors are all-weather facilities where guests can enjoy what Shibuya has to offer.

Shibuya Sky, with the height of 230 metres tall is the tallest building in Shibuya with 47 floors.
Shibuya Sky during daytime

The 73,000 square meters of office space is a key feature of the new building, all of which is available for lease, with each floor averaging 2,900m2, one of the largest in the Shibuya area. The building's location directly above Shibuya station makes access highly convenient for shoppers, tourists and the offices' daily commuters alike.

The SHIBUYA QWS business interaction space, a facility for co-creating the future by bringing individuals from diverse backgrounds together to give birth to new ideas and projects of societal value, is available to any group based in Shibuya, regardless of the age of the members or the reason that has brought them together. Based on a communal concept that the building's operators have named Scramble Society, SHIBUYA QWS accelerates value-creating activities directed toward the future by leveraging the synergies that generally exist between groups and members of various professions, regardless of how different the groups or professions may appear at first glance.

Shibuya Sky, with the height of 230 metres tall is the tallest building in Shibuya with 47 floors.
Shibuya Sky during night time

Shibuya Sky, with the height of 230 metres tall is the tallest building in Shibuya with 47 floors.

The retail segment of the building expects to soon be known as "the world's trendiest mall", and is home to 213 shops and restaurants including 7 newcomers to Japan, and 49 newcomers to Shibuya. With luxury brands that set the trend of modern values and select shops that have led Shibuya's street fashion scene, the building is, in all respects, a manifestation of the "trend and season". The restaurant floor is expected to quickly become the hub for the latest gastronomic styles and trends from all over the world. Foodies in search of the latest food experience will congregate on this restaurant floor that will be a progenitor of aspirations and ideals, and a fount from which new values, new ways and new styles in how to enjoy food will spring.

As a new SQUARE overlooking Shibuya Scramble Junction, a famous crossroads in Japan known all around the world, the building aspires to become a stage in central Shibuya where new movements and culture will be created.

Tickets/Admission Fees

ticket prices for Shibuya Sky

Check this link for other ticket prices and details here.

SHIBUYA Sky is over daily 09:00AM to 11:00PM, and final admission is at 10:00PM.

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