9 Things I Learned from Thai Drama Love Destiny

Bhuppae Sunniwat (Love Destiny) drama review, now in Netflix

For many years that I haven’t seen any tv series drama, but these past weeks was something different. I didn’t know that I will be hooked watching Thai drama (also called lakorn) show Bhuppae Sunniwat (Love Destiny) that is currently available on Netflix.

Majority of the tv dramas are full of emotions which are sometimes hard to bear, but this Love Destiny story has made me go home early after work, and spending bingeing to it until I realized today, I just finished the whole 15 episodes (with almost 2-hour, per episode!).

I felt intrigue, laughed, felt irritated with some characters, and even shared tears with them (because damn they are so good!), even though I had to relied on its English subtitles.

Turns out, Love Destiny has been aired since the summer of 2018 however, the story and investing your next long hours (in my case, days) of watching is something that am sure you would not regret.

Bhuppae Sunniwat (Love Destiny) drama review, now in Netflix

Kadesurang is a young archaeologist who is fascinated with the archaeological discoveries from the 17th century. One day she gets into a car accident and travels back in time. She wakes up in the body of Karakade, a young woman from the 17th century who died. Karakade was engaged to Date (the son of a public official and renowned scholar) since they were children. After her father died, she entered the household of her future in-laws, while waiting for the wedding ceremony. However, the soon-to-be groom is appalled by Karakade’s behavior and personality as she is manipulative and vicious; therefore, he refuses to go through with the wedding.

When Karakade kills a person in the attempt to murder one of her rivals, the family resorts to a spiritual incantation aimed to punish the murderer. As a result, Karakade dies. On her way to hell, she encounters the archaeologist’s soul (while she was travelling to the past) and pleads with her to make amends in her stead after taking possession of her body. In short, Karakade asks Kadesurang to make spiritual offerings for her soul so that she could save her soul from eternal damnation.

From being a promising star in the archaeological field, Kadesurang wakes up as a 17th century girl engaged to the son of the household she lives in. Passionate about history and archaeology, Kadesurang is thrilled for the incredible adventure she goes through and for having direct access to a historical period she only knew from history books.

On the other hand, her fiancé and his family are in a daze to witness the total transformation of her character. She is bright, intelligent, gentle and honest, opposite in every way to what she used be. Date is very cautious, but he cannot help but feel mesmerized and drawn to his renewed bride-to-be.

Bhuppae Sunniwat (Love Destiny) drama review, now in Netflix

Love Destiny is very different from many Philippine’s soap opera shows. After watching the full 15-episodes, I’ve learned so many things that would make you intrigue in checking it as well.

1. Love Destiny (Bhuppae Sunniwat) will teach you the about patience, perseverance and hope.
There are many struggles surrounding us however, these are all just to test our patience and how determined we are in achieving our goal. Focus and work harder, and eventually we will hit the pot of gold.

2. If you are keen to listener of international history, then this drama is for you.
Although the story is about love of two main characters, this drama highlights the history of Thailand’s oldest capital, Ayutthaya. The story incorporates the documented chronicles what had happen during the time of the King Narai’s reign.

3. And if you love to travel and explore Thailand, then you must watch this drama series. It will influence you to visit many parts of the old capital Ayutthaya, its magnificent architectures and unique cultures, learn its way of life, and understand the Thai-ness lifestyle.

4. Many countries in Asia are still conservative, and Thailand is one of them. Love Destiny teaches us how to express your love and devotion in a subtle way, without being physically expressive, and by being carefully wordy.

5. Love Destiny also shared the Master-servant relationship, their sisterly-bond, strong friendship, respect and loyalty to its other, no matter how different the status are.

6. You will appreciate the simplicity of old Thai home design, including the loads of carpets in the setting which honestly made me think that I need to add more from Showcase Carpets.

7. I learned so much about Thai’s traditional clothes, the designs, way of wearing each clothes for each occasion, and oh la la the fabrics are always colorful and luxurious (though there are costumes that are poorly made e.g the French costumes).

8. Love Destiny taught me that good and bad karma are real. Whatever you did in your current life will affect on what you will be on the next life.

9. Okay, I admit that I am one of many people who believes in LOVE and DESTINY. Enough said.

Bhuppae Sunniwat (Love Destiny) drama review, now in Netflix

Aside from the I’ve mentioned above and listening to its background music like I am in a relaxing spa session, every laugh, tears, and my eyebags gone bigger but its okay, because I enjoyed watching this lakorn and learned so much about Thai culture and history. The melodic sound effects make me travel back in time, and now thinking of my next Thailand trip with my own love.

Netflix’s English subtitle helps a lot, and I learned some Thai phrases that will be very useful for my next trip.

I wish that this story will have a new season and share what would happen to the next generation and monarchy of Ayutthaya after the revolution.

PS - Recently, this tv drama gained a prestigious award from International Drama Festival in Tokyo, Japan and gained Special Award for Foreign Drama.

ขอขอบคุณ​ Tokyo Drama Award 2019​ สำหรับรางวัล Speacial Award for Foreign Drama ละครบุพเพสันนิวาส​ Love Destiny จากงาน International Drama Festival in Tokyo ดีใจและภาคภูมิใจที่​ละครไทยได้เป็นที่รู้จักและชื่นชอบไม่ใช่เพียงแค่ในประเทศไทย​ และเบลก็รู้สึกเป็นเกียรติที่ได้รับโอกาสและได้อยู่ในความทรงจำอันทรงเกียรตินี้ เบลขอเป็นตัวแทนให้กับช่อง​3 ทีมงาน​ นักแสดง​ และท่านผู้ชมทุกคน​ มารับรางวัลละครของประเทศไทยที่โตเกียวในครั้งนี้ค่ะ​ #tokyodramaaward2019 #lovedestiny #บุพเพสันนิวาส #thaisilk
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Have you watched this Thai drama in Netflix? What are your opinions about it?

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