Review: Alba Botanica Natural Even Advanced Enzyme Scrub

Review: Alba Botanica Natural Even Advanced Enzyme Scrub

For the past three years, I’ve been enjoying lathering my brown skin with mostly Korean-made skincare and body products.

But this time, I tried something new all the way from the west coast.

Some of you doesn’t like facial scrubs coz it does dries and hurts your skin. But recently I found this facial scrub that I think would makes you intrigues as well.

During the first week that I’ve been using this Alba Botanica Natural Even Advanced Enzyme Scrub, my thoughts about harsh scrub was gone. This facial scrub gives me that gentle feeling, but effective scrub fights off dull, dry skin to instantly create a smoother, more even complexion and glowing skin. My tan complexion makes it more radiant, even my boyfriend noticed the change.

Review: Alba Botanica Natural Even Advanced Enzyme Scrub
Review: Alba Botanica Natural Even Advanced Enzyme Scrub
Alba Botanica Natural Even Advanced Enzyme Scrub is also hypoallergenic, and claims to be made 100% vegetarian ingredients, no artificial colors, no parabens or phthalates, no harsh sulfates, no animal testing, and no plastic microbeads.

Benefits of Sea Algae to our skin

Algae is truly a superfood and is literally the base of the food chain! It is an amazing nutrient source in that it contains see minerals and trace elements, plus all the organic molecules that are the building blocks needed for life.

Ohio State University studies proved that brown algae polyphenols provide anti-cancer protection. Plankton enzymes measurably repair DNA damage. Carotenoids in algae and seaweed provide protection to cell membranes while the asthaxanthin found in algae is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants on the planet! All of this is found in the unassuming little marine plant algae. Isn’t mother nature amazing?

Algae also contains a compound called alguronic acid. When alguronic acid is extracted using the proper methods, and applied to your skin via high quality skin care products, it has been proven to increase the synthesis of elastin while also speeding up cell regeneration. This leads to younger looking skin.

Algae is also packed with chlorophyll which kills germs, reduces inflammation, fights candida albicans, and helps reduce scarring. Since it destroys germs so effectively it’s also excellent for eliminating acne, skin blemishes and healing wounds. Chlorophyll essentially heals our bodies while reducing inflammation. An interesting fact: Chlorophyll is also like blood inside plants and has a molecular structure that is very similar to our own blood’s hemoglobin.

Review: Alba Botanica Natural Even Advanced Enzyme Scrub
No awful scent that makes me feel dizzy (or puke!). For those searching for vegan-type of skincare products, this facial scrub may suits you.

Have you tried this product? Let us know what you think?

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