How I Got FREE Christmas Trees, and Turned them into Magic!

free Christmas tree
I got a total of four (4) Christmas trees, ALL FREE, and here is my story.

Who doesn’t like FREE stuff?!

I’m one of the members of the “Thrifty Tita Sorority” in the Philippines, and now building my own club here in Australia, and bringing my clever DIY and thrifty hacks I could imagine.

And this coming holiday season is no escape to go thrifty because I strongly believe that we can only splurge on this that is necessary. Here in VIC Australia, shops are all busy decorating and showcasing their newest Christmas decors and homewares, and even Kmart got tons of affordable Christmas items that you can imagine, and they are surely very tempting, but you know what – I managed to control myself on spending for holiday decorations.

This season is the perfect opportunity to be crafty, and this year is truly a tough year for many of us. And it would be inappropriate to exercise my revenge splurge (I only do that when I’m feeling depressed). Crafting and saving money makes me happy, plus Christmas season decorating makes me over-the-top so excited!

Which comes to the point on how I managed to get free Christmas trees?!

It is crazy, but I got them all from browsing at Facebook Marketplace.

Now that I am here in Australia, I still can’t believe how much disposable income many people have and doesn’t bother throwing things, and even out of the curb. You can furnish your entire apartment (from floor tiles, furniture, etc.) by collecting many unwanted hard rubbishes. 

That’s how I got my Christmas trees! 

Depends on your location, Facebook Marketplace, and many Facebook Community Groups are good resources for collecting and offering unwanted items from your home. Just make sure that you can collect them on time to avoid misunderstanding (this is why you need a car). 

Ad I am lucky that my husband is incredibly supportive in this newfound hobby. After all, these things are FREE and we have huge empty storage at home, so it isn’t an issue. 

free white Christmas tree

free white Christmas tree

This old white Christmas tree (about 6-foot tall which 4 different types of pine leaves!) is my recent find online, and pick-up two weeks ago, including some shiny metallic Christmas baubles. The former owner said it got brownish tarnish on its leaves due to poor storage (and of course age), and I realized that I can still make something about it. 

The fact that this is my first-ever white Christmas tree makes me feel more excited, and I am much willing to dedicate my time to give this tree a new life. 

After washing it thoroughly to remove the dirt and dust and letting it dry outside (grateful that the Victorian weather is so good that day!), I used a satin white spray paint available to touch-up the brownish shades

For additional Christmas decorations, I got these dried pine cones from my recent visit to our farm in Callignee South and after cleansing and dried up under the sun, I used gold spray paint to turn these cones into a festive d├ęcor.

DIY gold pine cones
I checked these exact decorative fine cones online, and you can get them for at least AUD$15.00 per piece.

Why will I spend a lot of money if I can pick them all from our farm?

DIY crochet Christmas baubles

DIY crochet Christmas baubles

I still got plenty of wool and (free) pit balls which I turn into more crocheted Christmas baubles! 

You can check my tutorials and other designs, here and here

free Christmas tree
My Christmas Tree Number 4! I should name this NOVEMBER coz that’s when I found it.

free Christmas tree
And here is my Christmas Tree Number 3 – I got his last October (6-foot tall with 4 different pine leaves).

Christmas cards
There are few ornaments included and decided that I’ll add them with my crafted Christmas decors, and found these unused Christmas cards from our storage. But I recommend that you use your old Christmas cards that you have got from many Christmases coz I find it more appealing.

I’m thinking of using the rest of these cards to send our Christmas greetings to my neighbors’ mailboxes. 

sustainable Christmas wrapper

Then I got this clever idea to re-use those drink boxes that we have and other small boxes, wrapped them using old newspapers, decorate them with few glittery baubles and twine ribbon, making them as a makeshift gift under my Christmas tree! 

Real gifts will be added soon in the first week of December.

free Christmas tree
Hold on I’m not finished yet, coz here is my Christmas tree Number 2 (a 7-foot tall with 4 different pine leaves) I got it last August. 

This Christmas tree is more on a traditional theme in red and white. I shared on my previous blog how I made those crochet Christmas baubles and added a few toys to them. Those unicorns are also my adopted toys, that I got in Drouin for FREE!

I also decorated this tree with upcycled ooshies 

How I Got FREE Christmas Trees, and Turned them into Magic!
Even my husband loves the whole Christmas setup in our Red Room. I’m glad that our cat doesn’t have an interest to climb and play on my Christmas trees! She is more interested in lounging next to this fireplace.

How I Got FREE Christmas Trees, and Turned them into Magic!

How I Got FREE Christmas Trees, and Turned them into Magic!
And this is my first free 8-foot tall Christmas tree that I got last January. I featured this tree in my previous blog when I shared my story of how I adopted these old teddy bears

How I Got FREE Christmas Trees, and Turned them into Magic!

How I Got FREE Christmas Trees, and Turned them into Magic!

For Christmas lights, I decided to spend a few bucks. After all, those Christmas lights are a good investment.

This decorating marathon has been going on-and-off since September, and I am so excited for this year’s Christmas, spread the love to everyone and be grateful for blessings (big and small) that we have this year. We don’t need to splurge money just to show our love, care, and appreciation this yuletide season.

I hope that this blog is giving you many crafting and money-saving inspirations, and if you have other suggestions for (another) Christmas tree theme, please let me know here!

But cutting trees to make a Christmas tree is not my agenda, and be as haggard as the famous 2020 Rockefeller Christmas tree

Hugs and air kisses!

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  1. These are beautiful! I love getting free things and making my own creations with them. Fantastic job!!

  2. This looks amazing! You certianly have an eye for decorating. Stunning.

  3. My parents have a white Xmas tree and I think it looks magical with the lights shining on/in it. What great decoration ideas too! Xmas trees are so pretty and a great way to get in the spirit ; )

    1. I agree! I am now in the hunt for more Christmas trees for the next holiday season.


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