Facebook Bans Australia (including my blog)

Facebook Bans Australia

UPDATE: 26th of February Friday - Facebook already reinstates all Australian news media, including my blog. We can now share (again) blogs on Facebook. This is after yesterday (25th of February), the News Media Bargaining Code has approved by the Senate and now officially a law, the first in the world and in Australia.


It is now Thursday of 18th February here in Australia, and it supposed to be a great day to celebrate another day after the VIC State’s snap 5-day COVID lockdown.

Being at home for 5 straight days is nothing new for me. Remember, this was the nth lockdown we had here in Victoria.

However, the excitement to jump out of my lovely bed has been ruined by this morning's news on my phone.

The social media site Facebook announced on Thursday that Australian users and publishers would be restricted from viewing or sharing domestic and international news on the site, effective immediately

The move is in response to the proposed News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code, which would force tech companies like Facebook and Google to negotiate with news providers to feature their content, which was passed in Congress overnight. 

And yes, including blogs like this website forurbanwomen.com that produces valuable and informative Australian-related content, and stories. 

How does it will impact bloggers, and businesses?

As a blogger that produces valuable content for our readerships, Facebook moved to go on rouge is a dangerous decision.

First, this means that any Australian-related content from my blog will be restricted by Facebook. 

a notification I received when I post my Australian-related content

Another thing, Facebook’s ballistic action against the Australian Government is a straight shoot statement which translates "if you are looking for valuable and trustworthy news and contents about Australia, Facebook is not for you."

As a publisher (bloggers are publishers too!), Facebook’s action hurts not only many Australians, including other publishing companies that operate and do business with Australia, in order to share their messages to their customers/readerships. 

All our hard work to create a network of readerships that all rely on our Facebook posts will be limited. 

What’s the point of using Facebook Business, after all?!

This is also against Australia’s law of free speech.

Even the Facebook Page of The Philippine Embassy in Australia and other business pages that are non-news agency are also impacted by Facebook's tantrums.

All posts in The Philippine Embassy in Australia official FB page are removed by Facebook
All posts in The Philippine Embassy in Australia official FB page are removed by Facebook

Down Under Visa
other businesses such as Down Under Visa, a company that provides passport and visa services for more than  20years is also impacted.

It is indeed a shocking, and disappointing move. 

Fake news and conspiracy theory articles will increase, and there will be no reliable news media to call-out and correct misinformation. 

On the other hand, Google chose to have a deal with the Australian Government and Australian news media agencies, hence the launch of Google News Showcase

Google News Showcase

An example of how News Showcase story panels will look with some of our Australian publishing partners

Facebook has restricted publishers and social media users in Australia from sharing or viewing Australian and international news content.

What does this mean for Australian news organizations?
Australian news organizations will be restricted from sharing or posting any content on Facebook Pages.

Admins will still be able to access Page insights and Creator Studio on their Facebook pages.

Facebook said they will continue to provide access to other standard services, including data tools and CrowdTangle.

What does this mean for international news organizations?
International news organizations can still post on Facebook but Australian users will not be able to see the content or share it. 

What does this mean for Australian Facebook users?
Australian Facebook users will not be able to view or share Australian or international news content.

What does this mean for international Facebook users?
International Facebook users will not be able to view or share Australian news content on Facebook.  

Australia’s News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code are yet to be approved by the Senate to become a full legal law, and this is surely happening.

Everyone is welcome to do business in Australia, but you must obey Australia’s governing laws. And it applies to everyone. 

Remember where the term SELFIE came from

SELFIE - International word of the year
Source: The Guardian 

And the approval of the News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code will give an alert to other countries to create their own news media and digital laws.

As of now, what we can do is just wait and hope that both parties could come up with a better agreement.

If Facebook can do this kind of bullying to Australia, Facebook can also do this to your country thinking they have the full monopoly, and they are above the law of anyone.

Let your voice be heard.

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  1. Clubhouse is really new and great platform to grow right now. Im addicted to it.

  2. Oh no! Saw this on the news earlier. I thought it's for news concerning the government only, I didn't read all of it. Sad that blogs are affected, too! :( I hope they change their mind. :(

    1. Facebook thinks the proposed law will change after their tantrum, but Australian government can't be bullied. With Facebook drastic action, it is now a global concern and many leaders globally are in the conversation to globally regulate Facebook and other BigTech companies.

      Facebook is exercising their power thinking they are above the law.

  3. Hundi ko masyado magets yung reason pero i agree it will reLly hurt bloggers like you. I just hope they compromise on new ways to be able to share spread news

    1. News Media Bargaining Code is about giving fair compensation for sharing news content on BigTech digital platforms. This will benefit not only the big news agencies in Australia, including all the small publishers, independent publishers, and eventually bloggers like me.

      However, Facebook throw the tantrum overnight, and decided to block all Australian-related content to be share on FB. It also impacted many businesses, including non-profit organization that relies on Facebook to connect with their customers, clients and readerships.

      We need to regulated Facebook and other BigTech companies.

      They are not above the law.

  4. The Philippines is actually on the verge of getting into this kind of misunderstanding with FB, ourselves. This is terrible, and I hope that there is an option for you.

    1. Canada and France is now eyeing to have this similar law. This is for having fair competition between digital giants and traditional news agencies.

      Because of this, I even signed-up to the Australian-based social media called Litt! lol

  5. This is so sad. It will greatly affect the bloggers. I hope There will be another option for you guys out there.

    1. It does especially if we rely mostly on Facebook to drive traffic. More so for those content creators who spend thousands of dollars for Facebook advertisement (which I believe is a huge rift-off).

      For the first few days since this publishing, it gives me a little bit of stress, but not anymore especially now that I signed-up with the locally-owned, Aussie-made social media platform called Litt!

  6. I am not sure about the reason behind it, it's hard to share your thoughts or comment if you don't know the real deal behind it. But for sure, it had a big impact on blogger and social media people in Australia.. Maybe, Australia wanted to control their people or vice versa.

    1. Freedom of speech is one of the 5 core pillars of rights here in Australia. Australian government never controls its people, but Facebook does!

      The News Media Bargaining Code is now pass the Senate and it will become a law by next week.
      This is the monumental and first-ever law existed worldwide, and first in Australia which will give fair compensation for many news agencies, journalist, including publishers.

      With the million of dollars to be generate from the taxes alone, I am pretty sure that very soon your country US will also wants the piece of this sweet cake. Canada and France wants it too!

  7. This really sucks big time! I can feel your frustration because I know how this affects you as someone who's in the same industry myself. I hope everything will get better soon.

    1. If this law becomes fruitful, soon many country globally will propose a similar law. Facebook doesn't want to pay-up journalists, and only wants to harvest all users data, including journalists content for free.

  8. wala palang option to reply on your reply to me. if i understood it right.. weird how they thought of limiting press freedom now. now pa na pandemic when you need all the means to get information. although maybe its a way para maka bawas din sa fake news? uso ba yan jan?

    1. yes, but this is temporarily situation. And hope that Facebook will agree on its promise to removed the blocked soon. They have no other choice coz this is a Australian law.

      My blog was affected coz of my location (since I'm already based here in Australia, indefinite) Facebook algorithms and codes reads that my content based are in Australia, though I mostly write about the Philippines.

      Anyway, this is temporarily. As a independent publisher myself, I strongly support the government and the journalists for this campaign.

  9. This is really sad!!! Kawawa lahat ng apektadong bloggers from Australia lalo na kung dun sila kumukuha ng income. Ang laking community pa naman ng Facebook :(

    1. Facebook's algorithms identifies my blog as news media. Good news coz as of today, Facebook already reinstate my blog, hence pwede na ulet ako mag share ng blog ko, including any Australian news articles.

      The News Media Bargaining Code is now officially a law!

  10. Ang sad naman nito. Nakwento to saken ng officemate ko. I don't understand bakit pati bloggers kasali. Sana maayos to asap

    1. That is true, because Facebook's algorithm identifies my blog as news media. But this is a ground breaking rule in favor of all journalists, news maker, including small publishers like myself.

      Australia wins!


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