Things I learned from Netflix Superstore after Watching for a Week

NBC Superstore
In the past 18months, most of us are just keeping ourselves away from the crowd as much as possible, hence staying at home is just our normal thing and a trip to the nearest grocery store is the only excuse we have just to be outside our homes.

You see people around while pushing the biggest shopping cart and checking every aisle for things on your list, and the things that you might be needing one of these days, while accidentally eavesdropping from another male shopper whose video conferencing his wife about the cheapest pickles he could get. 
I know right? Happens a lot recently.

While laughing inside about that conversation you’ve heard, have you ever wonder about saying “hi” to the grocery staff who’s busy stocking the empty shelves for your favorite toilet roll paper?

Working in retail is tough. You got to work long hours just to get a minimum wage per day, which doesn’t include employee benefits, overtime, etc., oh gosh so many issues. 

But these people need to work hard, even harder than we thought because they need to put food on the table, or because they don’t have contingency plans, not like here in Australia where you can visit the nearest Centrelink for welfare assistance.

NBC Superstore

The original NBC’s sitcom Superstore, which is now available on Netflix Australia (unfortunately not yet available on Netflix Philippines), tells the story of the lives of retail workers, their vivacious personalities, and the real-life struggles encountered by the majority of the workers. 

I have watched the whole five seasons, and I could not wait to see what will happen to my favorite characters on Season 6 soon to be available on Netflix. Watching this show for 21-minute per episode while I’m sewing my upcycled dresses, Superstore is the sweetest treat!

***spoiler alert***

The reality of undocumented immigrants in the US.

Though the show is very entertaining to watch, there are some episodes expressing employees’ grievances that are quite emotional to watch for few minutes, which reminds me of my own experience when I used to handle employee grievances for more than 15years in the corporate world. 

So if you’re looking for a show to binge over the summer, here are five reasons to make Superstore’s 77 episodes your choice.

1)Superstore’s hugely diverse cast is one of TV’s best — and it’s packed with amazingly funny people.
2)That company rules saying “Don’t date your coworker/boss”? Yeah, Superstore characters nailed it and see how they handled it in their own ways.
3)Their employees’ break room (fictional) is soo good. I wish the break rooms of SM Malls and Robinsons have their own free coffee and donuts!
4)Your coworkers are your second family. Period. This leads to Number 5
5)Your coworkers are always at all your parties like birthdays, engagements, weddings, and yes including break-ups and divorce.

If you haven’t watched this TV show, check our TikTok videos below for some of our few favorite scenes, to convince you more of searching for Superstore. 

Minorities always stick together.

GUCCI bag is always the best cure.

Never forget to respect the elders #ProtectOurElders

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  1. I have never watched this shw but it sounds like it might be a fun binge. I will have to check and see if it is on Netflix in America or where I can see it.

    1. Yeah check in Netflix US! Some areas are not yet available.

  2. Oh man I haven't seen this show but I have heard of it. I need to watch it!

  3. Oh....I'm hearing of this show, for my very first time. Going by what you've shared here, I will be watching it very soon!

  4. I haven't heard of this but yeah, I would love to watch this. Definitely a game changer series and so that we could really appreciate more of how they help us in making sure we have the item on our grocery list.

  5. Ugghhh I need to watch this! Seems like a fun series! I hope it will be available soon.

  6. Too bad it's not available in the Philippines. This sounds really interesting. Hope this will be available here soon.


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