Things To Do in Beechworth, Victoria

Blair Villanueva pictured along the main street of Beechworth Victoria
Beechworth is scenic postcard township in Victoria, filled with lush trees and gardens, boutique stores, a world-class bakery and renowned chefs, restaurants and cafes.

Many visitors from around Australia, and even from overseas flock to Beechworth every year to experience the history, gorgeous scenery, and great foods. 

Home to award-winning craft breweries and distilleries, and several heritage buildings, Beechworth offers an up-and-coming local coffee culture, with cafes and bakeries that every coffee lover should explore. 
From the Gold Rush era to the Kelly Gang, Beechworth has been at the center of some of the most famous time periods. 

With a number of buildings more than 150-years old, it is a testament not only to the builders and architects of the time, but also a reminder that Beechworth was expected to become a powerful, wealthy and influential center of trade and the gold economy. 

Beechworth in the early days

a picture of the main street of Beechworth
Built upon the splendor of the early gold-rush days, Beechworth is recognized as Australia’s best-preserved gold-mining town. This is where you can truly unwind for a few days of indulgence. 

When you are in Beechworth, you will get the feeling that time stood still when you first arrive with the historic verandahs and wide street-escape. Beechworth is a stylish chic town with specialty shops and gourmet local produce adding to the unique street ambiance.

You can hear the echoes of history when you visit Beechworth’s collection of historic buildings, all of which played a key role in commerce, trade, government, administration, and law.

Visit the Beechworth Historic Courthouse, Telegraph Station, Sub Treasury, Forestry Museum, and the Robert O’Hara Burke Museum. These buildings were all constructed in the 1850’s from local honey colored granite. Together they provide a fine reflection of a prosperous era.

They also harbour the secrets of the Ned Kelly story – at every turn of the streets, there is a link to the Kelly family, the gang and the events that led to Ned Kelley’s hearing – right here in Beechworth. At the back of the town hall, you can stand in the cell that housed Ned’s mentor Harry Power.

Rich Cultural Heritage

a picture of an old building, and cars parked outside

The Beechworth story begins long before the discovery of gold. It begins with the Ya-itma-thang people, the dominant Aboriginal clan who occupied the Beechworth area, and who tended and nurtured the soil throughout the changing seasons. The rich and porous soil that is the secret behind of fresh regional produce, the natural beauty and magnificent bird and wildlife.

Today, Beechworth stands as testimony to a vibrant town, enriched by the contributions of people from many different cultures. The lure of gold penetrated far and wide attracting diggers across the world.
Amongst these were the Chinese miners, who came to the Ovens Goldfields in the 1850s. At its peak, over 5,000 Chinese hopefuls lived in the area. The Chinese quickly formed their own community and ‘Chinatown’ was established. It had its own market garden, shops, joss-house and temple. Built in 1883-1884, the Chinese Burning Towers still stand at the historic Beechworth Cemetery. These were used for ceremonial purposes such as burning paper prayers. Meals for the dead were often left on the altar, near the burning towers.

If you’d like to learn more about the Beechworth’s Chinese heritage, you should definitely visit the Burke Museum and where you can see the Chinese Community Collection, including banners and ceremonial weapons.

Indigo Gold Trail

The gold fever that gripped Victoria from the 1850s until the early decades of the 20th century left an indelible mark on Beechworth and its sister towns of Chiltern, Rutherglen and Yackandandah, and the villages and countryside in between. Everywhere, the legacy of the Gold Rush is clear – from the perfectly preserved streetscapes to mine shafts and mullock heaps to astonishing water races carved through solid rock; from Chinese Burning Towers and pioneer graves to historic government buildings, schools and museums. The Indigo Gold Trail has been developed to tie together the gold history of our area and offer visitors an easy and entertaining way to take a self-guided journey of gold discovery while exploring the picturesque towns and countryside. 

What to do in Beechworth?

a picture of an old building, and people walking

Guided Town Walks

If you are a huge history buff, The Beechworth Historic and Cultural Precinct is a collection of nationally significant buildings that tell the story of how early Australia grew and prospered.
Today, Beechworth stands as one of the best living examples of how the nation grew and prospered with over 30 buildings listed with the National Trust. The best way to explore is to join the guided walking tours, where you can see many of these original buildings first hand and discover the stories behind the grand facades.

You can also join one of the regular walking tours to learn the secrets of Beechworth’s past and stories. Tours take one hour and fifteen minutes and depart from the Beechworth Visitor Information Centre.
Beechworth offers several outdoor places for nature loving visitors that can enjoy variety of walks, challenging mountain bike trails, golfing, fishing, canoeing, or for regular picnics and birdwatching.

Gorge Scenic Drive, 5km – This 5km drive encompassing part of the Historic Beechworth Park is also a popular walking and cycling track. The walk will take you past mining history providing views of waterfalls and rugged escarpments along the western side of Beechworth. A network of tracks link points of interest in the George area including Fiddes Quarry, The Precipice and The Cascades. The trail finishes new Newtown Bridge, built in 1875, which provides a fine example of granite structure and Scottish stonemasonry.

Silver Banksia Walk, 2km – This easy grade walk will take you winding alongside Spring Creek from the historic New town Bridge to Lake Sambell.

Kae Sambell to Lake Kerferd Track, 5km – Following Spring and Hurdle Creeks from Junction Road near Lake Sambell this walk takes you through forest area and past old mines. Keep an eye out on your walk or perhaps more an eye up for koalas who frequent the forest near the track.

Mayday Hills Tree Walks – The former Beechworth Lunatic Asylum, later Mayday Hills Hospital grounds date back to 1867. The 27 acres is set against a backdrop of magnificent native and exotic trees and shrubs. Over 200 of Mayday Hills trees are classified with the National Trust Victoria.

Yeddonba Aboriginal Heritage Site – Located in the Chiltern Mt. Pilot National Park the Yeddonba walk leads you up to original artworks of what is thought to be a Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger), a goanna and a snake.

Lake Sambell Walk – Stretch your legs by the banks of Lake Sambell on a gentle walk taking in the views and water birds.

Visit Woolshed Falls 

a picture of a waterfall

Visit Woolshed Falls – Only 10-minutes from Beechworth and 20-minutes from Yackandandah, Woolshed Falls offers a popular site for a picnic. After heavy rains the site is a spectacle of foaming water rushing over rocky granite to vertical drop to the creek below.

Mountain Biking

Beechworth is an outstanding destination for mountain bikers with tracks to suit all levels and abilities. Suitable beginners yet with some challenges for the more experienced, the 6km Flame Trees Trail is a new, purpose built single track alongside a stretch of the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail. It complements the already impressive offerings at the Beechworth Mountain Bike Park located at the corner of Alma and Greenwich Roads, not far from the center of town. To get to the trailhead, take High Street until you reach a fork in the road. Take Haverlock Road and the Alma Road turnoff is about 100metres along. The Park has something for all levels and includes a cross country single track, a jumps course, short course downhill and an easy cross-country circuit for novices of all ages. The full cross-country loop is now almost 10km.

Road Rides

The hills surrounding Beechworth offer some of the best and most challenging road rides. There are variety of short and long rides on offer taking in the scenic landscapes surrounding Beechworth. Whether it is descending down the curves of the Lasserena, climbing the road into Stanley or the views of the Alps on the Tunnel Gap there is a ride to satisfy any avid cyclist. The Stanley Ride is one of the popular road rides which offers an undulating to steep course. Not for the faint-hearted, the challenge of climbing the 9km hill to the picturesque township of Stanley and beyond is certainly not without rewards. This ride boasts some of the most breathtaking vistas, apple, nut and olive orchards that span the hills with the best part being that the ride home is all downhill.

The Vineyard Back Road

Throughout springtime a series of vineyard tours are held taking cyclists on an easy trail picturesque vineyard with private wine tasting, and a sumptuous lunch. 

Other things you should visit around Beechworth

a picture of an old building, an old jail

Asylum Ghost Tours

Asylum Ghost Tours offers ghost tours, history tours and paranormal investigations, and any combination of these experiences. All held at the historic Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum at Beechworth, Victoria, in the midst of eleven hectares of heritage gardens.

Address: Mayday Hills, Beechworth
Phone: 0473 376 848
Website: asylumghosttours.com

a picture of an outdoor view, in the main street with old buildings

Beechworth Honey Experience 

The iconic Beechworth Honey Shop warmly welcomes visitors to discover the wonderful world of Australian honey. With over 40 Australian single varietal honeys to taste, a working bee hive and a self-guided educational tour, your mind and taste buds will be blown. Check my blog here!

Address: 31 Ford Street, Beechworth
Phone: 03 5728 1433
Website: beechworthhoney.com.au

a picture of a shelf full of candies in various flavors and sizes

a picture of a shelf full of candies in various flavors and sizes

The Beechworth Sweet Co.

The shop that will unleash your hidden sweet tooth inside. This shop is a must-visit for all ages, and you would probably couldn’t resist having your own sweet haul of their traditionally made candies and chocolates that Beechworth proud of. 

Address: 7 Camp Street, Beechworth
Phone: 03 5728 2060 
Website: beechworthsweetco.com.au

a picture of an old building, a brewery

Murray Breweries Historic Museum & Cordial Factory

For a true taste of history, visit the historical brewery which will introduced you to old fashioned, full strength cordials made with pure, natural, mountain spring water. You should indulge your taste buds when you sample assortments of gourmet flavours, visit the interactive brewery museum and take a trip down memory lane when you venture downstairs where it showcased the collection of historic, horse drawn carriages held on behalf of the National Trust.

a picture of two drinks in a can, and succulents in a glass jar

Address: 29 Last Street, Beechworth 
Phone: 03 5728 1340
Website: murraybreweries.com.au
Opens from Monday to Friday – 10am to 4pm

a picture inside the bakery shop

Beechworth Bakery

Nothing says welcome quite like the smell of fresh baked goods mingling with the aroma of great coffee. Throw in warm smiles that greet you from behind the counter, a relaxed atmosphere and the promise of an endless cup of tea, and you have country hospitality at its best.

Just follow your nose and face the inevitable challenge of having to choose from such a mouth-watering display of cakes, slices, pastries, pies and more.

Baked fresh using the finest ingredients and traditional recipes, Beechworth Bakery’s huge range of hand-made products proudly retain their old world charm.

a picture inside the bakery full of pastries

Established in 1984 as a small bakery in a sleepy little country town, Beechworth Bakery today boasts flourishing bakeries in eight great locations: Beechworth, Echuca, Albury, Bendigo, Ballarat, Healesville, Yackandandah, and the newest bakery in Bright.

Address: 27 Camp Street, Beechworth
Phone: 1300 233 784
Website: beechworthbakery.com.au

A picture of an ice cream in a cup

Don’t forget to stop by at Beechworth’s Ice Creamery and enjoy the best flavors of ice creams and sorbet available. They also have rum ice cream for adults!

A picture with a man and a woman, with an old building in the background.

Beechworth’s heritage is one of Victoria’s hidden gem, and definitely a COVIDSafe place to visit.


Acknowledgment of the Country
We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the Country throughout Victoria and recognize their continuing connection to land, waters, and culture. We pay our respects to Elders past, present, and emerging and ask that during your travels you respect these cultures, peoples, and land. 

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  1. I've never been to Victoria but i heard soooo much about it, Benchworth is a gorgeous city.

    1. Yes it is! Beechworth also looks different in every seasons :)

  2. YOu had me right from the start with craft beer, distilleries and coffee. But it got even better when I read about the rich history of Beechworth. I feel I could easily spend a few days in the area soaking it all in. The outdoors look amazing too! Thanks for introducing me to this part of the world.

    1. A week long stay in Beechworth would be nice. Each season, Beechworth offers amazing destinations. I would like to visit them again for the Autumn season for their amazing sceneries.

  3. Beechworth historic district looks like someplace I would love to explore with as many bakery stops as possible. Woolshed Falls looks like a great place for a picnic, if there has been rain, and wine tasting is always a fun activity when traveling. Definitely will visit when in the area

    1. Yes Woolshed Falls is a gorgeous spot! Back in Summer of 2020 it was all dried-up, but recently it is back to its gorgeous view with tons of water. Amazing!

  4. Hubby would definitely want to put Beechworth Victoria on our Australia travel plans when we finally get to re-book them. He might want to spend all of his time enjoying the craft breweries and distilleries. I love the great variety of easier walks in the outdoors. A short bike ride could be on the list but mountain biking may not be my speed. Especially if I get a wine tasting along the way. Linda (LD Holland)

    1. Yes, definitely! My hubby doesn't drink at all, and just tolerating me in visiting breweries and vineyards (with a minimal wine tasting!), and overall these places are just so relaxing.

  5. Beechworth is such a fascinating destination to visit with it's rich history, sweet shops and boutique stores.Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. The sweet shops is definitely a huge hit for kids and kids-at-heart!

  6. Victoria looks absolutely beautiful! I am not big on mountain biking but I really love city walking tours. There is always so much to see new places and the best way to see them is by foot. And especially if it's with a guide. This is a great guide to Victoria.

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    1. Yeah, soon when international borders are now open in Australia.

  8. I did not realize there is so much to see and do in Beechworth. It would be interesting to take an Asylum Ghost tour. I have never joined one so this is going to be a unique experience for me.


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