How Playing Solitaire Teaches Us to be Patience and make Better Decisions in Life

How Playing Solitaire Teaches Us to be Patience and make Better Decisions in Life
Before any free online games were available, I used to play the old-fashioned solitaire using my mother’s playing cards.

I can play it for hours and wouldn’t mind playing solo.

While sipping my favorite lavender tea, it felt like I was in control of the situation, and truly feels good whenever I completed all four decks of cards.

And like years past and still playing solitaire which is now available free online (and no annoying ads!

Solitaire’s Trivia

The word "solitaire" is of French origin, meaning "solitary person, recluse". Solitaire has not always been referred to as such; it was originally called "patience" in England, Poland, and Germany. Whereas Scandinavian countries called the game "Kabale". These names all relate to the basics of the game: it requires a lot of patience and time, which gives great satisfaction and pleasure to the player if they win. The root of the word "solitaire" is "sol" which means alone, as this is an unaccompanied game.

benefits of playing solitaire

But apart from being a recreation solo game, and helping us to be pre-occupied, many studies have shown that playing solitaire game (and other online games) helps us to have healthy mental health. 

It helps me to be more patient

There are times that I feel impatient with things or in a situation, especially when I am not in control of the situation. However, I find playing solitaire helps me to be more patient and be mindful of moving my cards. 

There are many things in life that we can’t rush and needs ample time to produce favorable results. We need to make sure that our card will give up options possible.

I learned when to step back, to gain two steps forward

As solitaire is a logic and strategy game, which engages the brain effectively, allowing certain mental skills (such as cognitive skills) to improve. However, along the way of the game, we experience some challenges that need us to step back, in order to see and understand the whole situation more clearly. Doing so will help us to choose the right card that will give us two steps forward to advance in our game.

Same in real life, with so much information readily available around, we need to step back to see the whole picture clearly about being blindsided or making a drastic move that might regret.
The game of solitaire stimulates cognitive unthinking, which really helps with problem-solving and quick thinking

It helps to calm my mind

Playing solitaire also helps to calm our minds from the chaotic circumstance of real life. It feels like meditation, which brings a calming and soothing effect to our body, and mind.
When you find yourselves stressed out then you can play a game of solitaire to keep yourself relaxed and focused at the same time. Whenever I’m having a hard time falling asleep, playing solitaire while drinking camomile tea helps.

panda mahjong - solitaire.org

Other than playing solitaire, I also enjoy other free online games just like this Panda Mahjong coz who doesn’t like pandas?!

word search - solitaire.org

Playing Word Search is truly enjoyable and helps to enhance my vocabulary skills. I also discovered some new words that I haven’t heard before and that is exciting. And completing the whole hard words is so liberating. I feel super-smart!

hidden objects - solitaire.org

I also love finding hidden objects coz it helps to practice my cognitive skills and be attentive. I have a lot of patience in finding things even in real life!

How about you, what are your favorite online games that help your mental health? 
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