This website offers free online video games for all ages, no downloads and no ads!

ree online video games for all ages, no downloads and no ads!
I still remember my first encounter playing video games. It was Friday afternoon and I immediately walk my way back home coz I knew that my Dad will arrive, and I want to make sure that I finished my homework before his arrival. 

I’ve done my work, and my Dad arrived, as usual, then Mom served our dinner. After dinner, my Dad gave me a gift box that contains a second-hand Nintendo video game and if you are a 90’s kid, you’ll definitely know the feeling of having that cool gadget in the house!

Maybe I did something good during those days that I deserved that gift.

And even though it is second-hand, I felt like it was the best gift that I’ve got, and it feels like it was brand-new.

Back in my college days, I start playing online games again to relieve my school stress, and as my brain exercise. Online games help me to learn various strategies, and values that I believe become very useful in real life. 

If you play online games in moderation, then there is nothing you should worry about. 

When I found out about plays.org from my friends and started playing online, it brings back those happy childhood memories that I got and always treasured. Their nostalgic free online games are so cool, and I don’t have to worry about annoying ads in the middle of the game, no downloads are needed, and it is totally free with no strings attached.

Here are my four favorite games I am currently enjoying at plays.org.

plays-org - Wonders Around the World Spot the Differences Game

Learn the history of each ancient travel destination of Chichen Itza, Machu Picchu in Peru, Christ the Redeemer of Brazil, the famous Colosseum in Italy, the City of Petra in Jordan, the Great Wall of China, how we discover extravagant love at Taj Mahal in India, and the majestic Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.
Don’t forget to appreciate each destination’s background music! Music gives me a good vibe!
Helps to exercise my ‘detail-oriented skills’ by spotting the differences of each image
I love to travel! And this game gives me hope that one day, I will visit these places and explore what it has to offer.

plays.org - Smurfs Snowballs Game

Easy to play, good for any age, and no adult content
I watched the Smurf animated movies and got a good laugh watching it, and playing this game is also entertaining.
I love the idea of playing snowballs in the winter season! Although IRL, I know that I will fail to this game coz I easily get cold. Playing the Smurf snowballs gives me that feeling of power!
This game also helps me to exercise my reflex skills!
Listening to the background music is very therapeutic to me. It feels magical!

plays.org - Santa Girl Runner Game

OMG, the background music is making me smile and dance, cool sounds for Tiktok videos!
It reminds me of the nostalgic Super Mario, collecting gold coins and more rewards.
I feel like I’m that Santa girl, grabbing all the gifts and magic snow crystals and saving them in my secret trove 

plays.org - Chinese New Year Mahjong Game

Mahjong is one of my favorite traditional Asian games! My Grandparent will be disappointed if I didn’t learn this.
Matching the tiles is so entertaining with all those cute designs! 
Very easy to play for any age (at least there is no money involved here!)

Playing this game is all available via desktop computer, laptop, and also mobile-friendly. Having no ads is very helpful. Playing online games with no gore, or cursing acts is very refreshing, and another reason why I enjoyed browsing at plays.org.

These games definitely help me on having healthy mental well-being, and creativity.

Check plays.org for free online games and maybe you will find your nostalgic favorites too!

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  1. This brings back so much memories! I remember Y8 pa yung go-to video games site ko. Glad to discover there are still sites similar to Y8. Will definitely be up all night playing games from this site.

    1. So true! Until now ganun pa rin ang games na bet ko! Not gore and super for adult. I like cute games like this :)

  2. Been hearing a lot about this site from other bloggers. Wish i had the time to check it out and play those awesome games!

    1. Nakakatuwa and relaxing rin ang mga games nila. Hindi masakit sa mata!

  3. guilty pleasure ko ito. i love playing games here. hahahaha especially yung chinese mahjong you included here and super tetris!

  4. Oh I tried that website, andami nilang game that you can play perfect pang-alis ng boredom. :)

  5. I'm gonna try this website too! I'm looking for some game website na walang ads to kill some time para naman hindi ako mabored minsan.


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