What I Wore: Orangey-Tangerine

Orange as lucky color that gives good luck, and prosperity
Do you have a favorite color that gives you full of energy and a positive vibe?

I love vibrant colors, but the tangerine color and other orangey-range colors (apparently there are tons!) are giving me so much energy, positive vibes, and confidence. 

When I found this chemise-style dress from the op-shop, I couldn’t resist adding it to my shopping bag.  Aside from its sensual silhouette, the simplicity of the dress is perfect for this scorching Australian summer. 

Why should you consider adding an orange color to your closet?

According to many feng shui experts, the orange color is seen as flamboyant, frivolous, and flirtatious. Truth enough, if you want to catch someone’s attention wearing this color will surely be a head-turner. 

Orange is the perfect color choice for raising the social vibe in any feng shui design.

The orange color is a blend of red and yellow that is associated with fire and earth elements. Orange is a combination of activating and grounding energy, making it a true asset as a design feature, including fashion. 

In Chinese culture, orange represents good luck and prosperity thus a great way to incorporate this color this coming Lunar New Year, The Year of Water-Tiger.

I wore this dress during New Year’s Eve in Loch Sport as we enjoyed the fireworks display on the bay. It was a simple, yet perfect night for our family. Pairing it with this psychedelic faux fur jacket makes the whole look roaring with colors!

tints and shades of orange

Orange color in the living room
The living room welcomes orange for its warmth and a cozy feeling where everyone can feel secure while lounging and relaxing. Introduce orange by displaying orange pillows, throw blankets, and orange d├ęcor. Shades of orange may be used in wall hangings or artwork. However, use orange in moderation as it may cause agitation in hyperactive individuals, especially kids. There are many tints and shades of orange such as terracotta, rust, peach, and salmon that balance orange’s high energy. The paler tints of orange with more yellow than red bring in grounding energy of the earth element.

Orange color in the bedroom
Couples can harness playful, spontaneous, and sexual chi energy in their master bedroom by introducing softer shades of orange fabrics and textures in bed linens, drapes, artwork, and lighting. Orange chi stimulates intimacy and bliss in the bedroom. Soft orange lingerie will fan the flames of desire for your lover. 

Orange as lucky color that gives good luck, and prosperity

Orange as lucky color that gives good luck, and prosperity

Orange as lucky color that gives good luck, and prosperity

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