Lost Dogs’ Disco Art Installation

Lost Dogs’ Disco Art Installation
Winter is upon us, and our community is making sure that we had a great winter experience.
That being said, we recently had an opportunity to visit the weeklong art installation at Gippsland Perming Arts Theatre, where they showcased the Lost Dogs’ Disco created by ENESS

Lost Dogs’ Disco Art Installation
Lost Dogs’ Disco during daytime. Photo credit: https://www.eness.com/


The Lost Dogs’ Disco is a temporary sculpture that celebrates the place of dogs in our lives. Visitors journey through an immersive installation of 16 dogs, some up to 5.5m tall: all in various states of repose – curled-up, standing, even touching noses. 

There are four distinct characters, inspired by three dog breeds: Poodles, Bull Terriers, and Dachshunds.
As visitors journey through the happy pack, the dogs’ coats light up and they greet passers-by with happy grunts to celebrate each new person’s arrival; for the Lost Dogs’ Disco is a hallowed place for dogs and every newcomer to the disco is greeted as a fellow disco dog.

The installation features a custom sound design of electronic music that captures the beauty, fun, and pathos of a dog’s life including a chorus of barks, growls, howls, and all kinds of doggie hullabaloo.

Lost Dogs’ Disco Art Installation

Lost Dogs’ Disco Art Installation

The installation reminds me of various animated movies about dogs, and other pets where they party all night until their owners arrived home, and they back on acting cute.

Although I don’t have a ‘lost dog kind of feeling’, my creative side of me and my love for pets, make me want to party!

Bring your friends and enjoy the late-night sessions, live music, bar, and DJs, including special activities for kids and families. Perfect for all ages!

Everyone is invited to enjoy the winter wonders of lights and music for a 10-night session, free admission. 

Location: Gippsland Perming Arts Centre
32 Kay Street, Traralgon VIC

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