Making my own bead crochet handbag

DIY bead crochet handbag
Look it up on Pinterest and you will see loads of bead crochet bags design that you wish you all in your closet. I’ve been self-studying how to create my own beaded bag, and it wasn’t easy as I thought. So, I decided to make something fun with my crocheting skills.

Here are the materials I’ve used:

• Wool/yarn – something that my grandma gave me last year

• Crochet hook in No. 3.5

• Box of acrylic beads – from Spotlight Traralgon $20.00

• Bamboo handle – I bought it from RSPCA Opshop in Traralgon for $2.00

• Extra fabric for lining the bag

• Lots of patience!

DIY bead crochet handbag tutorial

I have this box of colorful acrylic beads that I both last year from Spotlight, something that just caught my eye because, why not! I was meaning to create a fashion accessory, but good ideas haven’t come up yet. Great that I realized that I could use it to design my crochet bag.

Using the simple crochet stitches, I started crocheting and attached the beads along the way. 
The size of the bag was designed for my comfort, and this bag is meant to hold my phone and a couple of little things like my mini perfume, and lip gloss. 

DIY bead crochet handbag tutorial

DIY bead crochet handbag tutorial

I’m thankful that my cat didn’t manage to knock on my tray of beads!

DIY bead crochet handbag tutorial

After completing the bag form based on my ideal size, I have sewn on the lining using the textile I have from my stash. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can also do this using hand stitching.
Attaching the bamboo handles is the easiest and most exciting part. 

I have some spare bag straps that I could use to attach to the handles so that I could wear this handbag over my shoulder.

DIY bead crochet handbag tutorial

What do you think of this little bead crochet bag? I just realized that the bamboo handle looks like the famous Gucci 1947 Bamboo bags. 

I still have beads leftovers which I reckon I will use to accessorize another crochet jacket!

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  1. Wow, you nailed that and it look pretty. I always wanted to do knitting before, but never got into. Great handbag and using only simple things as well. Thank you for lovely project with us!

  2. so pretty and WOW what a commitment! I do think I would have issues finishing such a big piece. The result looks lovely and I think I might easily be tempted to buy such a bag if I saw it in shop front. Great choice of colors for beads too. Lyosha

    1. Thank you! I always felt great satisfaction whenever I finish a project (although I couldn't promise to myself that it will be quick).

  3. Cool! I WOULD do a combo of RED, purple & BLACK.

  4. That’s really a beautiful bag. Wish I can make a bag like this

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