4 Pro Tips for Designing a Cozy Home Office

4 Pro Tips for Designing a Cozy Home Office
Are you thinking about setting up a cozy home office but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. More people than ever are allocating a portion of their homes or apartments to a dedicated working space, especially now that many Filipinos are working from home

Designing a small home office requires some forethought. From selecting the right furniture to working around space limitations, it’s crucial that you plan your space well so that you can work more efficiently and without distractions. All these considerations become more important if your job is completely home-based. If your work requires you to spend a significant amount of time in your home office, then you should take the time to create an area that is private, quiet, comfortable, and reflects your personal style. 

Here are pro tips for designing a cozy home office to help you get started:

Find the Right Location
Your home office should be in an area that receives the least traffic, particularly if you live with other people. If you have small children, it would be a good idea to set up your home office in a spare bedroom that you can lock while you’re working. The key here is to have a space where you have the least chance of being disturbed. If you don’t have a room that you can use for this purpose, look for an area that most people don’t normally go to, like a corner of your living room or even an area in your main bedroom.

As much as possible, choose an area that you would be comfortable being in for hours on end. Don’t force a tiny desk into a windowless closet just to “save on space.” Even if you live in a compact apartment, your work area or station should be given as much consideration as your bedroom or living room—after all, you’ll be spending about eight of your waking hours in it.

Apart from the noise and a lack of adequate space, the design of your room can have an impact on your productivity as well. Several studies suggest that a poorly designed workplace can significantly reduce performance and job satisfaction. In fact, some design experts even recommend that you take the type of appliances you use in your home office into consideration. For example, you can use a window-type aircon instead of an electric stand fan to help maximize your floor space and reduce environmental noise. An energy-efficient unit will also prove more useful than a fan in the hot summer months. 

Invest in a Great Chair
You will be spending hours in your office chair, so make sure that it’s comfortable. Ergonomic office chairs are your best option, but they can be expensive. If buying a new one is out of your budget, check for second-hand furniture that is still functional and beautiful. More than any other piece of furniture in your home office, your office chair should be your top priority. 

When choosing the right office chair for your space, most interior designers suggest looking for a chair that can adjust its height and backrest. You should also look for a chair that has adequate lumbar support and is made from breathable material with sufficient padding. Also, check that it has sufficient seat depth and width and easy-to-operate adjustment controls. 

Organize Vertically and Switch to Space-saving Solutions
If you’re working in a cramped apartment, you need to create a home office that is space-efficient. Try to select other work furniture that serves a dual function. For example, there are many laptop tables available that come with built-in shelves or storage lockers that can also be used as footrests. 

You can also consider building hanging shelves on your walls. If you’re renting, make sure to first ask your landlord and your property management office if you’re allowed to do wall installations so you don’t incur any penalties when you move out. 

When you can organize vertically and invest in space-saving furniture, you maximize space and create a comfier work environment. Don’t be afraid to think of other ways to organize everything you need—whether that’s finding a compromise between floor space and wall space or choosing only the right amount of furniture you need for your home office. 

Consider Natural Lighting
Good lighting is essential to any home office, and it can work wonders for your productivity and creativity as well. If possible, try to set up your home office where you can look out the window periodically or at least have some natural light coming in. You can enhance this light further by installing mirrors in strategic areas or investing in translucent window shades. 

Good lighting can help lighten the mood, and it also saves you money as you may not need to turn on a desk light until it gets dark. If your budget allows it, you can likewise invest in installing overhead ceiling lights or buy a pair of floor lamps to give extra illumination. 

And another bonus tip!

Add a Personal Touch
Decorate your home office to make it personal. Make your mark on it by adding lots of nice colours or designs that make you happy. Think about upcycling furnishings by decorating the fabrics with beads and trimmings. They add little pops of colour that fill you with dopamine while you work. 

You want to make this space stand out from the rest of your home. It’s your office; you’ll spend a lot of time working, so it deserves to feel like a paradise. Keeping everything bland and boring doesn’t work here; it needs to be quite powerful and emotive. 

These suggestions are just some of the ways you can create a more comfortable home office. Remember, though, that all the design decisions you make for your space should ultimately be made in consideration of your comfort, work habits, and personal style. Unlike working in an actual office, where you need to follow company protocols and branding, your home office should be designed for you. It should fit into the rest of your home and make you feel good and inspired to work. So find the right balance between comfort, functionality, and style that will make you look forward to spending time in your home office every day. 

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