The Highest Paying Jobs of 2023: Here’s What Your Best Career Prospects Are

highest-paying jobs in the Philippines by 2023
The prospects of improving your career trajectory are looking good this 2023. Even though the early years of the pandemic have slowed global economic growth, Philippine business leaders are cautiously optimistic about the possibility that the country’s market will bounce back this year. Ever since the Philippines reopened for business, various industries were able to operate and thrive under the new normal. Demands for specific jobs have also risen, many of which have high starting salaries. Let’s look at the six highest-paying jobs of 2023 in the Philippines to help you aim for better career opportunities this year.

Marketing Directors

Companies want their brands to be recognized by a wide audience, but when you’re competing with other businesses, achieving brand notoriety is challenging. That’s why companies are looking for marketing directors to help them create campaigns that can get them ahead of the game. Marketing directors are tasked to come up with strategies that not only increase brand awareness but also boost company revenue. They also have a knack for spotting industry and marketing trends, as well as growth opportunities that can raise sales. The monthly salary range of a marketing director is between 27,500 PHP and 95,000 PHP. 

IT Professionals

With so many companies wanting to have a strong online presence, software engineers, web developers, and programmers are needed now more than ever. People who are in the IT industry have the skills to not only create professional websites and practical apps but maintain them as well. They ensure that the websites and apps are fully optimized so that both their clients and the users of their platforms can utilize them seamlessly. Depending on the IT-related position and experience, the salaries of IT professionals can range between 27,500 PHP to 95,000 PHP per month. 

Airline Pilots

After travel restrictions have eased worldwide, people can’t wait to hop on a plane and start traveling again. Since the demand for air travel has suddenly increased, commercial airline companies need more airline pilots. The salaries of commercial airline pilots have always been high, even during the pre-pandemic years. However, to keep up with the demand in the travel industry, airline companies are offering several benefits like pay bonuses and significant salary increases to attract more pilots. They also efficiently onboard students who are coming from a reputable pilot school in the Philippines, so they can start their piloting career and earn a high wage. On average, an airline pilot can earn between 30,500 PHP and 106,000 PHP a month.

Finance Directors

Big companies need the help of finance directors to monitor and track their finances. Since companies earn and spend huge amounts of money, they need finance directors to oversee all of their financial activities to ensure the accuracy of their spending and revenue. Aside from these responsibilities, finance directors are also tasked to analyze and report the company’s financial performance, train accounting staff, and create strategies to minimize financial risk. In the Philippines, an experienced finance director can earn around 160,000 PHP to 170,000 PHP a month.

University Professors

Aside from the business and airline industries, the education sector has also adjusted to the new normal and is welcoming students back to school. To prepare for the influx of students returning to campus, universities are looking for professors who are qualified to teach the subjects of a specific course. University professors are valued for their expertise in a particular field of study and their ability to pass on their knowledge to their students. However, becoming a university professor isn’t easy as it requires years of studying and persistence to earn the title. That’s why universities pay their professors a high salary—usually between 36,600 PHP and 127,000 PHP—to compensate for all their hard work.

Medical Professionals

Providing people with quality healthcare is a demanding job, so it’s not surprising that many medical professionals command a high salary. However, medical professionals who specialize in a specific medical field are paid more because they took additional years of schooling to learn how to perform difficult medical procedures. 

Surgeons, for example, have the knowledge and experience needed to conduct C-sections, heart surgeries, bariatric surgeries, and organ replacement. As a result, surgeons in the Philippines can earn around 76,300 PHP to 264,000 PHP per month. Orthodontists, on the other hand, specialize in correcting the alignment of teeth. They have the skills and experience to treat patients who are suffering from underbites, overbites, crowded teeth, and misaligned teeth. Since they have a specialization, orthodontists can earn more than regular dentists. On average, orthodontists can earn around 41,200 PHP to 142,000 PHP a month.

By taking a look at the highest-paying jobs in the country, you can steer your career trajectory in the right direction this 2023. Moreover, the Philippine economy is starting to gain steam. As a result, there are a lot of growth opportunities in your current industry. Alternatively, you can pursue a specialization in a different field to gain more experience and earn even more for you, and your family’s future.

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