Aussie-First Sleep Hotel Opens Doors in Sydney

Aussie-First Sleep Hotel Opens Doors in Sydney
Sydney, Australia: In an Aussie-first, the world’s largest D2C sleep company and expert in all things sleep, Emma Sleep, will open doors in June to the ultimate sleep experience, the Emma Sleep Hotel, to educate the Australian public on the importance of sleep.

Running from Thursday 22nd to Monday the 26th of June at the recently refurbished The Strand Hotel in Darlinghurst, the Emma Sleep Hotel is a complete takeover and will include 10 custom Sleep zzZ-uites uniquely designed by Emma’s global Dream Team of sleep experts and psychologists to cater to different types of sleepers. Guests will be greeted at entry by a Snoreman, before heading to the hotel’s Rest-ception Desk for a 2pm tuck-in.

“Our independent research found that on average, Australian adults are missing out on at least thirty-six minutes every night of critical snooze time. That’s more than 200 hours a year! At Emma, we’re committed to helping millions of Aussies unlock their sleep potential. The Emma Sleep Hotel aims to provide guests the opportunity to learn how they can improve their sleep quality, all while having a little R&R,” said Emma Global’s resident Snooze-ologist Emma Merritt.

Aussie-First Sleep Hotel Opens Doors in Sydney

Rooms designs include the Emma Platinum zzZ-uites, built to provide the optimal sleeping environment for back support and restless sleepers. Guests will rest easy on Emma’s most-premium product available in Australia, the Emma Zero Gravity Mattress, built with AirGrid technology for weightless, undisturbed sleep. It’s Emma's most breathable mattress available with excellent thermoregulation and airflow for those who run hot at night.

“Temperature is one of the most important factors when it comes to sleep. Not only does a decrease in your body’s core temperature signals to the brain that you are ready to sleep, but it is also vital to achieving the deep sleep phase that serves repairing and restorative functions that are necessary to ensure you awaken your best each day,” said Merritt.

Each room will feature elements that educate guests on ways to best set themselves up for the ultimate snooze including sleep assistance packs, evening turndown service, and a room service menu that includes items such as a guided meditation or bedtime story.

Emma Sleep

In addition, prior to tuck-in, guests will be taken through a Pillow Pairing session where they will be matched with the ideal pillow to suit their sleeping position and needs.

“At Emma, we know how Aussies like to rest their heads at night and have invested tens of millions of dollars in ensuring our products are engineered to improve sleep. Since launching in the Australian market in 2019 and selling more than six million mattresses globally, we’ve conducted scientific research and adapted our local products so that they are specifically designed for Aussie sleepers,” said Emma Sleep ANZ Country Head Simon Baumgarten.

But it’s not just about getting a great night of shut-eye, both guests and the general public visiting the hotel’s rooftop bar will be treated to a very Emma experience, with multiple ‘Emma elements featured throughout the hotel in the ultimate celebration of Emma. From an Emma-themed movie catalog, goodie bags, custom Emma cocktails, an Emma-inspired playlist, and pop-culture references to well-known “Emmas” throughout, guests will walk away with a complete Emma experience.

Emma Sleep is offering up the chance to win a weekend for two at the hotel from the 24th to the 26th of June valued at more than $2000. The Emma Experience includes a two-night stay in one of the custom zzZ-uitess, a $200 voucher to spend at the hotel bar, an in-room goodie bag, and a 1:1 session with Emma’s Snooze-ologist to assess their sleep habits.

During this 1:1 session, guests will receive a custom sleep consultation to ensure they don’t just sleep well during their stay, but improve their overall sleep habits moving forward. Great sleep doesn’t stop there, upon check out, guests will also have the option to take home their pillow of choice.

“Getting a bit of shut-eye is a top priority to ensure you’re unlocking your full sleep potential and awakening your best every single day. We’re excited to be opening the doors of the Emma Sleep Hotel to Sydneysiders and giving them the chance to experience a night of sleep like no other. Guests who check-in will check out with tools to change their sleep forever!” said Merritt.

To enter or join the waitlist to book a stay, visit emma-sleep.com.au/emma-sleep-hotel/.

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