My Thoughts I had while Watching Season 1, Episode 1 of Kim Chiu’s Fit Check: Confessions of an Ukay Queen

Fit Check: Confessions of an Ukay Queen
Okay, I know the new Kim Chiu – led Prime Video show Fit Check: Confessions of an Ukay Queen is the opposite of Rebecca Bloomwood’s Confession of Shopaholic…, and I am excited to see another fashion-related comedy-drama from the Philippines (which is quite rare). The show itself is about a young budding fashion designer who has a passion for sustainable fashion and business, who lands a gig designing a new collection for a high-end clothing brand in the Philippines. 

Let’s dive in and see what kind of thoughts I have after watching its (35-minute long) pilot episode, shall we?

• The opening music is vibing, and this is promising.

• Where is this ukay-ukay place? I need to add this to my map!

• I wonder how many kilos that whole bale of clothes she’s lifting?! 

• Her opening scene outfit in hot pink and mustard yellow is giving me a nod of approval. I am now rooting for more outfit inspo from this.

• Omg, the constant horning of cars is giving me anxiety and stress!

• As a driver, you don’t stop in front of the pedestrian lane. Manong driver will fail the VicRoads driving test.

• I am missing the unique enthusiasm of Pinoy’s ukay-ukay store.

• I see many familiar veteran faces, pardon me I’m not good with names. 

• Kim Chiu’s explaining her tagpi-tagpi (cut-out/patchwork) creation is making me curious.

• Her third piece modelled by her plus-sized model is my favorite. I would wear that proudly in the streets of Melbourne.

• Oh shit, I hate fire!

• In this day and age, is someone still doing the face-to-face, sit-down board meeting like this?

• OMG, the boss wearing that hat looks like having a midlife crisis.

• That being said, I’ll never go yachting in Manila Bay.. ever!

• Melanie (Kim Chiu) continues to live hustle. Love those two mini dresses. Who’s the costume designer?

• Her grandma’s look is vibing! I have this feeling she’s an awesome Granny. After all, she loves Zumba!

• Hahaha what a great way to stop their interview shenanigan than throwing them those cans of sardines!

• Melanie’s presentation patchwork denim jacket and yellow tutu skirt are my kind of vibe. Okay, I wanna be friends with this girl.

• Ugh, stop wearing that red beret! It screams naïve tourist! It doesn’t make you look French. This needs to stop.

• Next time I visit Manila, I want to see more stylish women riding the scooter with their fabulous skirts!

• Hey Kuya, how can Melanie be able to pay you for that scooter if you took the vehicle that helps her to find money so she can pay her loan?!

• I am surprised that she keeps her white sneakers intact while buzzing around the chaotic streets of Manila. 

• Hot pink is all over this episode. You know what to add to your closet.

• Let’s be real - Would you wear a beret and trench coat with high humidity such as in the Philippines? I don’t think so.

• Guuuurrrl, Ninang Marites (Tiktoker Justine Luzares) is a breath of fresh air.

• Veteran actress Angel Aquino still fitting to her bitchy character. She never fails to impress.

• It’s okay Melanie, if you didn’t complete your degree in Fashion Design and Marketing. I can assure you that with your passion and ‘can do attitude’ you will learn more from actual work experience than listening to antiquated professors.

• I hope that Melanie is getting paid for her initial designs for the boss’ presentation. Nothing is more annoying and frustrating than unpaid work. You are not a FREE-lancer.

• Oh nosey Ninang Marites, snooping at Melanie’s work. Beware.

• Oh shit, did he just shred Melanie’s designs?!!! That bitch!

• Fashion is a cutthroat industry. Literally. 

• The top boss is such an arse. 

• Who needs a PowerPoint presentation, where you can have an actual presentation with models, music, et al. 

• The music presentation Amakabogera is vibing.

• Melanie’s design pieces deserve in the next Australian Fashion Week Spring Summer 2024 collection.


Fit Check: Confessions of an Ukay Queen

Fit Check: Confessions of an Ukay Queen

Fit Check: Confessions of an Ukay Queen

Fit Check: Confessions of an Ukay Queen

Fit Check: Confessions of an Ukay Queen

Fit Check: Confessions of an Ukay Queen is an ode to many ukay-ukay enthusiasts, aspiring fashion designers, design creators, budding entrepreneurs, and Filipino dreamers creating something magical from scratch. 

I hope that this new tv series will start the conversation about upcycling our clothes, promoting zero-waste textiles, and ways to make more sustainable fashion

The new comedy-drama series consists of 8 episodes for its pilot season, and I reckon it is worth bingeing. 

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  1. I loved it! Finished it in just a few hours.


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