10 Homegrown Singaporean Brands You Should Try

10 Homegrown Singaporean Brands You Should Try
Singapore is not only the home of breathtaking man-made marvels and some of the world’s biggest financial institutions, but also local brands that represent the country in the best light.

The Lion City is a melting pot of culture from the East to the West, creating a vibrant local scene that has now given rise to a range of homegrown brands that beautifully capture the essence of the city-state. For travelers to Singapore, these brands tell a story about this great cosmopolitan city in Southeast Asia, making them the perfect souvenirs to take home and share.

1. Bee Cheng Hiang
When in Singapore, you can't miss out on the bakkwa from Bee Cheng Hiang. Also known as rougan, bakkwa is a salty-sweet, dried meat that’s usually made from pork. This beloved brand has perfected the art of grilling meat jerky to perfection, with a range of flavors like honey-glazed and chili that marry tradition with innovation. Indeed, Bee Cheng Hiang's bakkwa makes for a mouth-watering souvenir that captures the essence of Singapore's culinary heritage, strongly influenced by Chinese cooking.

2. TWG Tea
For a taste of Singapore's refined tea culture, indulge in TWG Tea's exquisite blends. From the fragrant Silver Moon Tea to the signature Singapore Breakfast Tea, TWG offers an array of teas that encapsulate the city's cosmopolitan charm. Packaged in elegant boxes and tin cans, these teas make for thoughtful and sophisticated souvenirs. Indeed, each sip will bring you back to memories of Singapore.

3. Naiise
Naiise is more than a lifestyle concept store; it's a platform that showcases the creativity and ingenuity of local designers. Browse its collection of unique fashion items and home d├ęcor that you’ll only find in Singapore. Moreover, check out their quirky gift items that are inspired by daily life in this fast-paced city. You can bring home a piece of Naiise's collection using Singapore’s ChangiPay and curate your own Singapore travel collection while reaping the cashback rewards of using this digital wallet.

4. Supermama
Supermama reimagines traditional Singaporean motifs and craftsmanship in contemporary and practical pieces. From porcelain tableware adorned with Peranakan patterns to accessories inspired by local icons, every piece embodies the harmony between heritage and modernity. If you want to bring home a treasure that encapsulates the heart of Singapore's cultural evolution, Supermama may just have what you’re looking for.

5. Charles & Keith
Charles & Keith, an international fashion brand born in Singapore, embodies the city's cosmopolitan flair. Their shoes, bags, and accessories are not only on-trend but also embrace the values of sustainability. By choosing Charles & Keith, you're not just adding to your fashion collection; you're also supporting a brand that aligns with Singapore's commitment to a greener future.

After a day of exploring, treat yourself to the comfort of OSIM's wellness products. While OSIM is well-known for its luxurious massage chairs, its product line also includes portable massagers and their Beauty Series line that’s a perfect gift for the ladies in your life. Indeed, these products embody Singapore's emphasis on well-being and are perfect for unwinding and rejuvenating.

7. Irvin's Salted Egg
Irvin's Salted Egg has taken the snacking world by storm with its crispy fish skin and potato chips drenched in the rich and indulgent flavour of salted egg. These addictive treats are a must-try Singaporean delicacy that will add a flavourful punch to your souvenir collection. For a tasty souvenir, Irvin’s Salted Egg products can’t be beat.

8. Singapore Airlines
While Singapore Airlines is primarily an airline, its iconic reputation for exceptional service and efficiency has made it a symbol of Singapore's commitment to excellence. Consider picking up branded merchandise or souvenirs from your flight to commemorate your journey with one of the world's leading airlines.

RISIS is renowned for its elegant orchid-inspired jewelry and decorative items. As the national flower of Singapore, the orchid carries profound cultural significance. Choose a piece from RISIS to bring home as gifts for your loved ones. Not only is it a stunning keepsake but is also a touch of Singapore's natural beauty and heritage.

10. Ya Kun Coffee
Did you notice that there’s something different about Singapore’s coffee? Aside from the hefty dose of condensed milk, coffee from hawker stalls taste rich and smooth as if the beans were roasted with a ton of butter. For some coffee lovers, that’s likely what you would miss when you leave Singapore. Fortunately, you can bring a bag or two or more of this coffee goodness in the form of Ya Kun Coffee Powder. This brand is a historic one and traces its roots back to 1926 when the founder from Hainan found his way to Singapore.

When shopping for souvenirs and unique items to try in Singapore, it’s a good idea to focus on brands that have that unique Singaporean flair. Each product is an authentic representation of the Lion City’s past, present, and future, making your trip truly unforgettable.

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