A growing list of cat café in Tokyo if you need some stress-free cuddles

growing list of cat café in Tokyo

Your stay in Tokyo won’t be totally complete until you’ve visited one of the growing cat cafes around the city. 

Cat cafes are establishments where customers can enjoy a drink or a snack while interacting with domesticated felines. There are several reasons why cat cafes have become so prevalent in Tokyo. 
One reason is the high demand for pet therapy in a stressful and crowded city. Many people in Tokyo live in small apartments that do not allow pets or work long hours that prevent them from owning a pet. Cat cafes offer them a chance to relax and bond with friendly felines, which can reduce stress and improve mood. 

Another reason is the cultural significance of cats in Japan. Cats have been associated with luck, prosperity, and protection in Japanese folklore and art for centuries. Some people visit cat cafes to seek good fortune or to celebrate special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries. 

growing list of cat café in Tokyo

Cat cafes also cater to different preferences and tastes, offering various themes, breeds, and services. 

growing list of cat café in Tokyo

growing list of cat café in Tokyo

growing list of cat café in Tokyo

Here is the growing list of cat cafes around Tokyo, and we recommend that you visit at least one (or two!).

growing list of cat café in Tokyo

Cat Café Asakusa Neko-en | Location 

Cat Café Mocha Harajuku | Location 

Cat Café Nyankoto | Location

Cat Café MOCHA Asakusa | Location

Cat Café Temari no Ouchi | Location 

Cat Café MOCHA Shibuya | Location

Cat Café MOCHA Shibuya | Location

Neko Jalala | Location

Cat Café Calico | Location

Cat Café Nyafe Melange | Location

Cat Café MOCHA Shibuya/Koen-dori | Location

Cat Café Calaugh | Location

Cateriam | Location

Nekomaru Café | Location

Cat Café MOCHA Ikebukuro West | Location

Cat Café MOCHA Ikebukuro East | Location

Miagolare | Location

Cat Living Shelter Café | Location

Necot Cat Café | Location

Cat Café Mofunyan | Location

Coorikuya | Location

Benefits of visiting Cat Cafes

Benefits of visiting Cat Cafes

Benefits of visiting Cat Cafes

Cat cafes are places where people can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while interacting with friendly felines. They offer many benefits for both humans and cats, such as:

* Cat cuddles can reduce stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that petting a cat can lower blood pressure, heart rate, and cortisol levels, as well as increase oxytocin and serotonin levels. These hormones and neurotransmitters are associated with positive emotions and well-being. Cat cuddles can also provide comfort and warmth, especially for people who live alone or feel lonely.

* Cat cafes can promote animal welfare and adoption. Many cat cafes work with local shelters or rescue groups to provide a temporary home for cats that need one. Some of them also allow customers to adopt the cats they meet at the cafe, which helps reduce the number of homeless cats and gives them a chance to find a loving family. Cat cafes can also raise awareness and educate people about the importance of spaying and neutering, vaccinating, and microchipping their pets.

* Cat cafes can foster social connections and community. People who visit cat cafes often share a common interest in cats and animals, which can spark conversations and friendships. Cat cafes can also host events and activities, such as workshops, classes, games, or parties, that bring people together and create a sense of belonging. Cat cafes can also support local businesses and charities by partnering with them or donating a portion of their profits.

Cat cafes are more than just places to drink coffee and play with cats. They are spaces where people can relax, have fun, learn, and connect with others while supporting a good cause. If you are looking for a unique and rewarding experience, you should visit a cat cafe near you.

If you are in Melbourne, we recommend that you visit the famous cat cafe located in Melbourne CBD.

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