Never too late for Barbiecore Trend

upcycled Barbiecore jumper
Although I admit that I never subscribed to the Barbiecore frenzy back in July during the release of its latest movie, it doesn’t mean that I totally forgot about it.

I like Barbie, and I remember that Barbie was part of my childhood. 

I can still remember the day that my dad gave me a secondhand Barbie doll (used to be owned by my stepsister) back in 4th grade, and the last memory I got is when Mom got rid of it after it had been chewed severely by our dog. 

Nevertheless, Barbie has influenced me as I grew up. I admit that my love for fashion and collecting clothes may be influenced by Barbie as well. Before my blogging debut, I used to make some Barbie clothes just for fun

Gladly, I grew up sensibly having the awareness of not going on the path of being an extreme Barbie fan, to the point that I must alter my physique just to be exactly like a doll. Or a botched one.

We can’t deny the fact of how influential Barbie is in our lives and has continuously been doing so for many generations. She should be crowned as the original influencer and fashionista. Or perhaps the Goddess of Fashion. 

And of course, we should never forget and thank her creator Ruth Handler, for bringing her a life that we most admire and love. Sorry Mattel, you will only get a 2nd credit.

Barbie also influenced and gave inspiration to many creatives and artists worldwide just like when the local Filipino designers showcased their own Barbie Flores De Mayo dresses.

upcycled Barbiecore jumper

For the sake of fashion, my love for the Barbiecore trend, and sustainability, I decided to celebrate this trend by making another upcycled piece using the old materials I currently have.

I decided to make use of the old mattress protector, and the old duvet cover with Barbie prints on it. Both have been stashed in our linen closet for quite some time and finally found a way to reuse them. 

You can watch my TikTok video below for the process!

I made this during the winter season and puffer jackets are everywhere. 

I realized that I could use the old mattress protector as a cushion under the cotton duvet cover to give that puffy effect. After tracing and cutting the pattern, it took me a week to finish backstitching the Barbie-print pattern to give that bouncy effect and to give more support to both materials. 

When the right material is not available, then I must be creative and resourceful. I decided to use my mint-colored wool that has been in my stash, and crochet then to create a hem that I could attach to both ends of the sleeves, neckline, and hemline of the jumper. 

It took me three weeks before I finally finished the upcycled Barbie jumper and felt satisfied that I managed to reuse that old mattress protector. It was my first shot, and I am glad I did it.

The rest of the cut-off materials are all saved for the next upcycling project!

Definitely, I will not spend my hard-earned money on things just to feed my fascination with the Barbiecore trend.

upcycled Barbiecore jumper

upcycled Barbiecore jumper

upcycled Barbiecore jumper

upcycled Barbiecore jumper

upcycled Barbiecore jumper

upcycled Barbiecore jumper

What do you think of this look?

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