I'm finally an Australian Permanent Resident!

I'm finally an Australian Permanent Resident!
After over two years of constant stress, document chasing, back-and-forth emails, and lots of administrative work, my visa is finally over.


I'm finally an Australian Permanent Resident!
Our visit to Blue Mountains National Park, NSW

Moving to Australia is now my original plan, however, with so many crazy things happening during the COVID-19 Pandemic, my husband and I decided to plan for our long-term goal, and that includes living in Australia for good. 

It wasn’t an easy process, and many foreigners like me can relate.

What is Permanent Residency (PR)?

Permanent residency (PR) is the holy grail for foreigners who come to Australia and never want to leave. There are various types of visas one can apply for to be able to stay long-term in this country, but most are temporary – and the few that are permanent are significantly harder to come by.

My visa is under Subclass 801 Partner Visa, and this is one of the visas available if you are sponsored by your Australian partner, whom you have a relationship with.

I'm finally an Australian Permanent Resident!

Initially before my first trip to Australia, we applied for my Subclass 600 Visitor Visa
I know that some people file their visitor’s visa without any professional help, so we decided to acquire the professional services of Jeff Harvie – a Professional Migration Agent with his company Down Under Visa, based in the Philippines. 

Together with his team, they are a great help in guiding us through the process, hence, when we finally decided to take things up a notch, we didn’t hesitate to get their assistance for my Partner Visa. 
My husband and I learned the hard way, and for that, we prefer having reliable professional help, which saves us a lot of stress + monetary costs as well. 

I'm finally an Australian Permanent Resident!
Flinder's Station Melbourne

As a permanent resident of Australia, I can stay here indefinitely, have full working rights, and be eligible for Medicare. Aside from owning and running a business, I can also attend any school and university, I don’t have to rely on any company to sponsor me, and I can enjoy a good barbie and a few grogs (beers) just like any Aussies!

I can enjoy exploring the whole of Australia, and continue my freelancing and blogging work anywhere, even next to a baby wallaby. 

As a bonus, Australian permanent residents have the right to live, work, and study in New Zealand as well – and if I ever want to travel there, I no longer need a visa to do so. The only things differentiating me from an Aussie citizen are that I don’t have an Australian passport or the right to vote here, and I can be deported if I commit a criminal offense.

Taking the next step of having an Australian Citizenship is optional.

However, I have now started to build a new life here in Australia and with our local community, and I believe it will be wise to pursue an Australian Citizenship to further my opportunities Downunder.

If things are right on schedule, by the 4th quarter of 2024 I will be pledging my new allegiance to this beautiful country!

Stay tuned for a comprehensive blog on how I apply for a Subclass 801 Partner Visa! 

I'm finally an Australian Permanent Resident!

I'm finally an Australian Permanent Resident!

Moving to a totally different country is f**k*ng hard, and you need to have any kind of support. That feeling of uncertainty will keep on haunting you.

I am grateful every day for having a truly supportive husband and family here, including my Filipino friends who supported me all the ways they could, and for finding my new purpose of working with local elderly in our community, through charitable works.

I'm finally an Australian Permanent Resident!

My life has changed for the better, much more peaceful, and less stressful. I found a new purpose in life and a new passion to help make a difference in the community.

Aside from the fact that I truly explored the creative side of fashion and sustainability! 

I'm finally an Australian Permanent Resident!

I am more at peace these days, and I am more excited about what opportunities waiting for me ahead. 

More adventures and stories to tell from Downunder!

Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy for You Ms.Blair
    Finally !!
    Ang daming nakakarelate sa story Mo Ms. .blair
    Na hindi madali Ang proseso Nito at Ingat Lang Kayo palagi diyan Ms.blair
    Cheers for more success in Your Life and Happy Holidays

  2. Napakagandang regalo po ito sainyo ngayong pasko 🥰🥰😇 happy for you maam., Finally,after a long time na paghihintay natupad na rin 🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️

  3. Congratulations po Miss Blair! Happy New Year!


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