Boxing Day: What will I do with $90Million (if I win!)

all pink outfit, Barbiecore aesthetics
Disclaimer: I am still wishing to be the lucky girl to win tonight’s jackpot!

It’s Boxing Day and thank goodness shops are now back in business. Maybe I’ll go to the shop later this afternoon to avoid the influx crowd of shoppers.

And while I’m sitting at my desk and sipping my morning coffee while browsing my emails, a notification from tonight’s Oz Lotto jackpot price catches my attention.


That is the second biggest jackpot price offer in 30-year history according to the DailyMail Australia.
One in three Australian adults are already holding onto a ticket. The chances of winning the top prize are one in 62 million.

That is a huge pot and what an exciting way to welcome the New Year!

Knowing that the Australian lottery winnings are all tax-free, I couldn’t help wondering...

What will I do with AU$90 million?!!

I had a similar blog post years ago where I had a similar mental exercise on how I send my winnings however, priorities have changed over the years so I have new sets of plans listed below.

So here are my thoughts on how I will spend this money, responsibly and ethically.

all pink outfit, Barbiecore aesthetics

1. I love living in Gippsland so I will buy a 5-acre house (or an estate) with a great view overlooking the main town. Let’s put a budget of up to 5 million for that property. It should have enough room for all of us and a place where they could party without annoying any neighbors.

2. An allotted budget to furnish the property in case we need more improvements.

3. An extended Granny flat for my loving Grandma and Pip (Jack Russell).

4. Of course, pay out the outstanding loans we have in other properties.

5. A percentage of winnings that I will distribute to charity organizations I support locally and in the Philippines.

6. Many buy 2 or 3 medium-sized residential properties for investment here in Victoria.

7. A decent 3-bedroom house in Adelaide in case we would like to live in that area.

8. I’ll open my own op-shop in Baw Baw Shire and bring my cool elderly friends to work with me for a good cause. 

9. Invest a percentage of my winnings in bonds and stocks.

10. Travel to Japan, Greece and France!

11. Donate a percentage of winnings to Wildlife Australia.

12. Upgrade other insurance. I’m not worried about health insurance coz our Medicare is good enough!

13. Travel to St Peterburg, and in Beijing when a good opportunity comes. 

14. I’ll get at least one DIOR gown similar to what Mrs. Harris favorites. 

15. Adopt more cats! And build their own cat apartment! 

16. Spend on renovation to build my own sewing studio.

17. I will get the latest Japanese toilet seat (the whole package) for my hubby coz that is the ultimate gift he wants.

18. A renovation cost for my dream boudoir!

19. I’ll get a hybrid car and a ute for practical use. Okay, let's add a huge caravan.

20. I will never think twice now about getting VIP seat tickets for every musical and opera performance in Melbourne or Sydney.

21. I'll get the latest e-scooter to use around town. Don’t worry, I’ll be getting a helmet as well. 

22. Take Australia’s longest train ride, The Indian Pacific from Sydney to Perth over 70 hours you’ll cover 2,704 miles, including the longest unswerving length of railway in the world: 297 miles of dead-straight track.

23. That being said, I would love to do the Maharajas Express in India. It will be the best treat to explore India as well. 

24. Buy textiles from around the world and add them to my collection. 

25. Save the rest to multiple banks. 

all pink outfit, Barbiecore aesthetics

all pink outfit, Barbiecore aesthetics

One thing is certain. 

Even if I turn into an instant millionaire, I’ll still shop sustainably from multiple charity shops, and make my own clothes.

Even if I turn out to be an instant millionaire, I will still treasure a humble gift just like this pink-knitted jumper gifted to me by my elderly coworker. 

I love it.

PS. I bought my tickets. Fingers-crossed!

PSS. Update as of 27th December - I won $16.90 LOL

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  1. Siguru kung ako dn papalarin na manalo ng ganito kalaki, ganito na dn gagawin ko travel travel and siempre ung ibaa sa bank accounts 😍

  2. $90 million
    Ang laki niyan ,if we convert To peso !!
    Instant Millionaire Talaga ,ang halaga we spent the money ,
    responsibly and ethically
    Yung important lang bibilhin and save the money for the future
    At sa akin din ,mas maganda yung magbibigay ako ng kaunting amount for the charity who needed The most

  3. I like how you will spend the money if ever po, but still congratulations for winning that amount. Maybe next time you'll win it!


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