VETRESKA Unveils FUR Singapore: The Pinnacle of Luxury Pet Care

VETRESKA Unveils FUR Singapore: The Pinnacle of Luxury Pet Care
VETRESKA, globally acclaimed for its imaginative and quality pet products, proudly announces the opening of its first flagship store, FUR, in One Holland Village, Singapore. This landmark establishment signifies a major stride in VETRESKA's global retail expansion, bringing its vision of luxury pet care to life.

FUR: Redefining Luxury Pet Care

Nestled in the bustling heart of One Holland Village, FUR represents the epitome of luxury in pet spa and wellness. Crafted for the discerning pet, the store is a sanctuary where each detail is meticulously designed to provide the highest echelons of pet pampering and care.

The Philosophy Behind FUR

True to VETRESKA's innovative spirit, FUR transcends traditional pet store concepts. It embodies an elevated philosophy of pet care, where services like grooming, spa, and wellness treatments are not merely offerings but a celebration of the bond between pets and their owners. Here, "fluffy, unblemished, refreshed" is not just a motto, but a tangible experience for every visitor.

VETRESKA Unveils FUR Singapore: The Pinnacle of Luxury Pet Care

Tailored Wellness Journeys at FUR

FUR's unique approach lies in its customized wellness journeys, catering to the diverse needs of pets, from vibrant puppies to graceful seniors, and catering to various breeds and coat types. This holistic retreat offers more than just grooming - it's a haven for pets to relax and enjoy exclusive spa treatments, reflecting FUR's commitment to pet well-being.

An Immersive Retail Experience 

FUR also provides an immersive retail environment where customers can explore and purchase VETRESKA's innovative range of products. This includes stylish accessories, playful toys, and premium grooming essentials, all designed to enrich the lives of pets and their owners.

VETRESKA Unveils FUR Singapore: The Pinnacle of Luxury Pet Care

VETRESKA's Global Retail Vision

The opening of FUR is a key moment in VETRESKA's strategic expansion into global retail, showcasing its commitment to bringing innovative pet care solutions to a worldwide audience. This flagship store marks a new chapter in VETRESKA's mission to revolutionize the pet care industry.

Graham Ng, Director of the Retail Business group from Far East Organization shares his excitement: "The recent soft opening of One Holland Village has shown us the positive impact of a welcoming pet-friendly environment, and we are thrilled to build on this with the opening of FUR's first global outlet here. FUR's fashionable pet accessories and bespoke services are set to enhance the shopping experience significantly, offering something special for both our human visitors and their furry companions. We believe FUR will be a standout addition, enriching the lifestyle offerings at One Holland Village and we can't wait for our shoppers to experience all that FUR has to offer."

Donald Kng, CEO & Co-founder of VETRESKA, comments, "The opening of FUR in Singapore marks a significant milestone for VETRESKA. It embodies our aspiration to merge creativity with luxury in pet care. FUR is more than a store; it's a destination where pets and owners can immerse themselves in an unparalleled experience. Our vision is to set new benchmarks in luxury pet care and expand our footprint in the international market. We are excited about the potential of FUR as a beacon of innovation and excellence in pet wellness, and we look forward to bringing our unique approach to pet lovers worldwide."

my Siamese cat Smokey loves her Vitreska pomegranate litter box
my Siamese cat Smokey loves her Vitreska pomegranate litter box. 


VETRESKA, founded in 2017, is a leading people's pet brand on a mission to redefine the possibilities of pet products. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of imagination, VETRESKA seeks to revolutionize the pet industry by presenting pet lovers with innovative and captivating designs that combine fun with functionality.

Drawing inspiration from the experiences and joys of people's lives, VETRESKA's vision is to empower pet owners to share delightful moments with their furry companions. Through its range of thoughtfully crafted products, VETRESKA aims to enhance the bond between pets and their owners, elevating the everyday experiences of pet parenting.

At VETRESKA, creativity and quality are at the core of every product. The brand's commitment to innovation ensures that pet lovers have access to an exciting array of pet essentials, toys, and accessories that not only cater to their pets' needs but also resonate with their own sense of style and aesthetics.

With a strong emphasis on design, functionality, and the well-being of pets, VETRESKA continues to set new standards in the pet product industry. Whether it's a comfortable pet bed, a playful toy, or a stylish pet bowl, VETRESKA's products are meticulously crafted to create moments of joy and companionship for pets and their owners alike.

For more information about VETRESKA and its range of imaginative pet products, please visit www.vetreskanyc.com

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