What To Do With Your Old Swimming Pool?

What To Do With Your Old Swimming Pool?
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Got an old swimming pool and not sure how to put it to use? Here are a few potential ideas of things you can do with your swimming pool.

Revive it
While you may not want to use your swimming pool as a pool in its current state, a few improvements could be all that’s needed to restore it to its former glory. This could include thoroughly cleaning it and repairing any damage. Pool renovations such as resurfacing your pool, adding new filtration or even changing the shape of your pool could be measures worth looking into. You could even add luxury features like heating or slides. This could help to make your pool more attractive and could encourage you to use it and maintain it.

Turn it into a pond
Like the idea of a water feature in your backyard, but don’t necessarily want a pool? Transforming your neglected pool into a pond could be an idea to consider. Ponds require less maintenance than pools and can be a place to grow aquatic plants or keep fish. If you have a large enough pond, you could consider larger fish or pretty features like bridges over the top. Ponds do still need some regular upkeep, so it’s important not to view them as a zero-maintenance option. 

Create a sunken patio
A creative solution that is becoming more popular is to turn an unused pool into a sunken patio. Such patios can have a cozy feel and can provide a fun focal point in your yard. You could place tables in the middle, or you could place seating around the outside and consider other central features. Such central features could include a fire pit, an outdoor dancefloor, or a tiki bar. 

Cover it with a deck
Alternatively, you could build a deck over the top of an abandoned pool. This can be a cheap way of ‘filling’ the space and can make for a nice dramatic feature for placing outdoor furniture on. You will still need to drain and clean the pool before you install the deck. An unusual shaped pool could make for more quirky decking shapes but may require an expert to design and build. This post delves more into how to build a deck over a pool.

Transform it into a bunker
Building a structure over a swimming pool could allow you to create a semi-underground bunker. While this could be useful for sheltering from a storm (or indeed an air raid), such a structure could have more fun everyday uses. You could turn it into a bar, a games room, or a gym. Alternatively, it could be turned into a home office. It could even be transformed into a conservatory for growing indoor plants. The benefit of a semi-underground structure is that it won’t protrude over neighbors' fences and therefore may be easier to obtain planning permission for as you won’t have to worry about infringing on neighbor privacy or casting a shadow over their backyard. And you won’t have to pay for excavation because that part has already been done for you. 

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