How to Get Hookd - Melbourne's latest dating app!

How to Get Hookd - Melbourne's latest dating app!
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In today's world, finding real connections can feel like a daunting task. Existing dating apps often overwhelm users with endless swiping and superficial interactions. Hookd, a completely new dating app, is here to change the game.


Simple, Rewarding, and Mindful Dating

Hookd is designed for singles seeking a streamlined and efficient experience. Setting up a profile takes less than a minute, allowing users to get started quickly. The innovative algorithm prioritizes showing users profiles they'll genuinely connect with, maximizing the chances of finding a compatible match, while eliminating gambling algorithm tactics.


Features to Foster Genuine Connections

Hookd goes beyond the traditional swipe-right-or-left approach. Users can choose between three dating modes: short-term, casual, and long-term, ensuring everyone is on the same page from the beginning. To combat ghosting and ensure clear communication, users can set a time limit for message replies. The "Bookmark" feature allows users to save profiles for later review, offering more flexibility and eliminating the pressure of immediate decisions.


Safety and Security

Hookd prioritizes user safety. Each account undergoes a thorough audit during creation, and users have the option to report inappropriate behavior with detailed explanations. The development team actively investigates and takes necessary actions against violators.


Free Features and Monetization Strategy

Hookd is committed to providing a valuable service without hidden costs. All app features, including swiping, matching, and messaging, are completely free. The app utilizes non-intrusive, tasteful ads to cover operational costs, ensuring a seamless user experience.


Growth Strategy Focused on User Success

Hookd's growth strategy is centered on facilitating meaningful interactions. By prioritizing matching compatible users and fostering clear communication, Hookd aims to create a thriving community where users can find success. The app leverages Facebook advertising as a primary outreach channel while exploring additional avenues like community events and partnerships.

How to Get Hookd - Melbourne's latest dating app!
Image: cottonbro studio/pexels.com

A Fresh Take on Dating

"We created Hookd out of a frustration with the current dating landscape," says Jesse Hayward, founder of Hookd. "Our app is designed for singles who are tired of endless swiping and superficial interactions. We believe in the power of simple, mindful dating, and we're confident Hookd will enhance the way people connect."


Download Hookd today (App Store and Google Play) and experience the difference!

About Hookd 

Hookd is a dating app designed for singles seeking real connections. With a focus on simplicity, reward, and mindfulness, Hookd offers features that promote clear communication and efficient matching. The app prioritizes user safety and provides a free, ad-supported experience. Visit https://hookd.app

How to Get Hookd - Melbourne's latest dating app!

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