We saved $200 per week on driving TESLA – Here’s my POV of 2024 TESLA Model 3 as a Prof Passenger in AU

We saved $200 per week on driving TESLA – Here’s my POV of 2024 TESLA Model 3 as a Professional Passenger in AU
Yes, you’ve read that right. I’m a Professional Passenger coz I don’t have a full license to drive a car (just a learner’s permit!). I’m quite slacking in fully learning how to drive and in my defense, I don’t need it yet. Still, 

I reckon my POV of our new TESLA car is still valid. After all, we paid for that car!

Just like I’m a proud professional passenger, I also don’t know anything about the technical side of the car industry, so please be kind to me. But you can check this online review for a more technical version.

It is also cheaper to buy TESLA in Australia, compared to other countries because TESLA cars in Australia are made in China, and both countries enjoy a bilateral agreement on importation which includes EV cars, hence no tax.

This listicle review is based on my experience driving with my husband as we (cruise) along the road. 

    1. First, the price. The TESLA Model 3 Long Range costs AU$64,900 the second affordable TESLA Model 3 that is available in Australia. Quite frankly, it is an affordable car compared to buying a brand-new Mercedes Benz Sedan.

    2. That being said, the price is still affordable especially when we take advantage of the government’s rebate for EV-car owners – we save a lot on tax!

    3. With our old (secondhand) Holden car, we used to spend an average of $200 on fuel costs per week, whereas with TESLA MODEL 3 we only spent $15 per week on energy charges. 

    4. We use several EV charging stations including the TESLA Supercharge Stations all around Melbourne and Gippsland. And yes, there are FREE EV charging stations that we found in which I intend to gatekeep their locations. Sorry.

    5. Home charging is still an option. We got a Gen 3 Wall EV charger for $800 that will charge our car overnight. You can also check other accessories available to have a more bougie look.

    6. I love my luxury travel. If I flew business class regularly (or premium economy if I’m on a budget), then my land travel should be at least a little comfortable. The TESLA Model 3 definitely gave me that desired comfort. 

    7. Did I mention that the TESLA Model 3 has a heated seat feature?! Perfect for this chilling Australian winter!

    8. The car doesn’t have an engine just like the regular cars, which gives more room on the frunk (front trunk) where we store our traveling charger, the also the trunk is perfect for carrying more loads, with about 425-litre boot space.

    9. My favorite part of the car is its panoramic glass roof, which I could see a clear view directly upward from within the car. Best when I recline my seat and look up, especially during a clear sunny day. It’s mesmerizing.

TESLA Model 3 has 17-built in cameras
TESLA Model 3 has 17-built in cameras

    10. My style taste is a bit maximalism, yet I appreciate the minimalist style of TESLA’s interior. Fewer buttons (all integrated into the steering wheel), no indicator stick, nothing. Everything is right on that horizontal 15-inch touchscreen which helps you operate this car. I always say that TESLA is like your latest smartphone, with 4 wheels!

    11. If there’s a heated seat, the steering wheel is heated too! Hubby loves it!

    12. Don’t ask me about the car’s surround sound powered by Dolby Atmos. The Model 3 Long Range has 17 speakers, including subwoofers for some serious punch. The sound is so clear, that you can feel the vibrating effect on its action sounds. 

2024 TESLA Model 3 Long Range review

    13. Who needs to go to the cinema where you can watch the latest movie right in the back seat? There’s a separate 8.0-inch rear-screen monitor at the back seat which the riders can enjoy any entertainment without disturbing the driver. 

    14. While parked and charging TESLA, you can enjoy streaming your favorite movie while waiting on your reclining seat. Or even play several arcade games with the car’s steering wheel. Sweet!

    15. TESLA is like your nanny in the car. It won’t let you drive while streaming (except radio streaming), won’t let you touch your phone, coz it will alert you with its annoying sounds, and warns you when you deliberately drive hands-free (not legal in Australia!). 

    16. It also has sensitive and conservative awareness of the distance between cars, your speed, and emergency braking.

    17. The car has its matrix headlights during night travel while being mindful of oncoming drivers on the road so it won’t cause a nuisance. 

    18. Although TESLA has Auto-pilot mode, you still have to do the whole driving yourself. Again, full auto-piloting is not legal in Australia.

    19. TESLA Model 3 has blind-spot alert, front and rear parking sensors and cameras, collision warning, lane-keeping assist, lane departure warning, and electronic stability control.

    20. You can also adjust the heater and cooler up to the back seat!

    21. TESLA’s basic body color is white. Also comes in black, cobalt, blue, and red but with additional costs (roughly $2,500 to $3000).

    22. TESLA is not partnered with any car dealership in Australia. If you want one, just order it online on their website, a bit similar to when you buy your smartphone online and choose ‘click-and-collect’. - 

    23. You can manage everything as well through your TESLA app. The car has no physical key. Your phone is your key + your security code. Unless we let Grandma drive the car then we will give her access, or a keycard, whichever is practical. 

    24. I hate cruise control, the same feeling as why don’t like rollercoasters and the Fujiyama. However, our teenagers love it! Definitely, they will never drive this TESLA.

    25. If TESLA is your modern nanny, it can also be the coolest party car. With its full surround sounds, plus the light + sounds installations features, and karaoke apps, TESLA Model 3 is your next wingman. Perfect for any parties and occasions such as Christmas and New Year!

    26. TESLA software updates are free and also offer other special features for a better and cooler experience for an additional fee. We don’t need some of those crazy extras.

    27. The TESLA software also lets you plan your trip and shows you how much energy you need to travel to your target destination, including the energy savings you get. 

    28. No required quarterly maintenance and servicing just like diesel cars.

    29. TESLA helps to save more money (so we can buy a house with a bigger yard to raise chickens) and helps to minimize pollution. 

    30. I’m still contemplating getting a customized plate, but that’s another $400 on me!

2024 TESLA Model 3 Long Range review
Driving and riding on TESLA MODEL 3 feels like traveling on a smooth sail on a first-class plane seat. 

2024 TESLA Model 3 Long Range review

2024 TESLA Model 3 Long Range review

2024 TESLA Model 3 Long Range review

2024 TESLA Model 3 Long Range review

2024 TESLA Model 3 Long Range review

2024 TESLA Model 3 Long Range review

2024 TESLA Model 3 Long Range review

This review will be periodically updated as we go on using TESLA MODEL 3 Long Range. The car is not flawless yet, but it is reliable and savvy for our current needs. 

Do I recommend switching to TESLA or any EV cars? 

It’s a YES.

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